BubbleBum Products For Travelling Families On The Go!

"the most advanced, proven & tested portable booster seat on the market"

"the BubbleBum is amazing... my favourite product as a mom" - Samantha Yanks

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prevents this

provides this

why BubbleBum?

4 - 11 Years

The BubbleBum booster seat is for kids aged between 4-11 years


Neatly folds up when deflated for convenient storage into its very own stretchy bag

Three in a row

Fit three-in-a-row perfectly, even in the smallest car

Crash Tested

Meets all EU & US regulations - the functional equivalent of any rigid booster seat

50% Lighter

The lightest car booster seat on the market. BubbleBum weighs the same as a packet of Digestive biscuits!


Easily fits into backpack or glove box so you can take your BubbleBum everywhere!

perfect for...


BubbleBum can travel with your child,
so convenient!


Keeps EVERY child safe
on EVERY journey.


BubbleBum is reusable and packable,
saves fortunes on renting boosters.

Car Rental

cheaper than renting a booster seat,
and you get to keep it

kids & parents love BubbleBum!

BubbleBum is comfortable, safe and easy to use...

Where has this thing been all my life? I've been struggling for over a year to fit 3 car seats in 1 row. First day of use and the kids buckled themselves in 2 seconds.

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Brilliant product & fantastic customer service. We recently had a car accident & the bubblebum helped keep my son safe, when I emailed to give some positive feedback, the CEO phoned me from her trip to America to ask for more info on the accident & let me know about the safety testing on the seats. Can't recommend this company enough. Thanks bubblebum!!

Got this originally so I could fit three seats in the back and now it's my daughter’s seat of choice. It's apparently much more comfortable than the plastic ones. Really worth the money - love it

putting bums on seats globally since 2009

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