Do you trust a stranger with your child’s life?

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With a new year now upon us, many people are completing their new year resolutions. How many of us promised to NEVER touch our mobile phone when driving? Is this a resolution that many of us even considered? Are you guilty of distracted driving?

500 children are killed on the world’s roads daily, that is 500 families per DAY that lose one of their little angels. This is difficult for a mother to comprehend, that their child’s life is apparently worth so little. Many road collisions are avoidable, and it is human error and human choice that condemns their child to death.

We make a choice everytime we get behind the wheel of a car; we choose to drink and drive, to not wear a seat beat, to not have our child in the correct car seat or booster seat. We choose to touch our mobile phone, to send that text, or to exceed the speed limit. Fellow motorists and families that share the road with us do not make these choices for us, yet as a society we continue to make decisions for them when we drive. When we get behind the wheel we are taking other people’s lives in our hands and our decision can affect whether they live or die on our roads.


As a mother it worries me how road safety is often not considered one of the most important motorist requirements. While driving I see people not only breaking the law but putting my life and the life of my child in danger by driving distractedly. People who are driving with one hand on the steering wheel and a mobile phone in the other, their eyes clearly not on the road. People taking selfies and using snapchat while their car is moving, whose mind is not on the moving vehicles in front of them, people who are so busy chatting on hands free that they do not see the child crossing the road in front of them. Distracted driving is not limited to a specific age group, anyone who has a mobile phone and has it within hand’s reach has the potential to drive whilst distracted.

BubbleBum Travel Car Booster Seat has created the #ILoveYouEnough road safety campaign to tackle the problem of distracted driving, specifically becoming distracted through touching your mobile phone. The campaign is giving children a voice and asks their parents, guardians and other road users to pledge to NEVER touch their mobile phone when driving. This initiative was created by BubbleBum CEO Grainne Kelly and it has been gathering momentum over the past few months. As a society we owe it to our children to make the pledge to this campaign to be a responsible parent and driver and NEVER touch our mobile phone when driving. You can pledge by visiting the #ILoveYouEnough facebook page and liking the page to make your pledge.  

In a world where so many things are out of our control we should take control of our roads and end distracted driving once and for all. Your child’s voice is the most important voice to you in this world, and it is time we started listening when they ask #doyoulovemeenough?

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