Would you trade your turkey dinner for a sandwich this Christmas Day?

With the season of ‘good will’ and ‘jingle bells’ now upon us it is easy to get lost in tinsel and wrapping paper. Christmas in the UK is usually an extravagant affair which takes weeks of preparation and planning to execute the perfect Christmas Day for you and your family.

The Sun newspaper published a news article about the crazy Christmas traditions from around the world which got us thinking here at BubbleBum HQ about how our customers will spend their Christmas and how it differs from ours.

BubbleBum Travel Booster Seat is stocked and shipped to over 27 countries in the world including France, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Holland and the USA therefore Christmas traditions are varied among our BubbleBum users and supporters.



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It is sometimes easy to get carried away with Christmas planning and on occasion some traditions are lost along the way. However, in the UK several traditions remain the same, the most important being that Santa Claus will come on Christmas Eve and leave presents under the tree to good little boys and girls asleep in their beds; the naughty ones will get a bag of coal! Most families sit down to a delicious family meal of turkey, ham, roast potatoes and all the trimmings on Christmas Day. A Christmas Tree is erected in the family home around 6th December and the home is decorated with lights and everything red and gold!

In France it is custom to eat 13 different desserts on Christmas Day! This is definitely a tradition that we here at BubbleBum would like to adopt. The French also sprinkle red wine on the logs on their fire to fill the house with delicious aromas prior to the big day and this is a super idea! You can drink it and use it as an air freshener!

In Germany the Christmas Tree plays a major role in the Christmas décor in each home. Christmas markets are also huge, they take centre stage in the run up to the festive period selling decorations and yummy food. It is also common for families to exchange gifts on Christmas Eve. A strange tradition is that on 6th December children leave a shoe in the doorway and St Nicholas leaves sweets in it!

Christmas Day Dinner

In Switzerland the presents are flowing with children receiving gifts on Christmas Day from Jesus, on 6th December from St Nicholas and on 6th January from the three ‘Wise Kings’….these are some really lucky kids! Parades and carol singing are also traditional in Switzerland and Christmas dinner is eaten on Christmas Eve!

Denmark is also another generous country, families and friends exchange gifts on the four Sundays in advent. After a long walk on Christmas Eve the Danish tuck into their main Christmas Dinner after which the lights on the Christmas tree are lit and people sing and dance around it, they will usually open their gifts at this point. On Christmas Day everyone has a lovely family meal made up of their favourite sandwiches!

Like many other parts of Europe, Saint Nicholas brings presents to children who place a shoe on the fireplace on 5th December in Holland. Christmas Day is a quiet affair in the Netherlands with many attending a church service, a lovely quiet family meal and Santa visits on Christmas Eve with all the presents.

The USA is much like the UK in that many people decorate their entire homes inside and out with lights, inflatable Snowmen, tinsel and of course Reindeers of all shapes and sizes. They have an extravagant turkey dinner on Christmas Day and good old Santa visits on Christmas Eve leaving lots of gifts under the tree for good boys and girls.

It is fair to say that Christmas, no matter where you are in world, is about spending time with your loved ones, eating good food, drinking good wine, getting a lovely gift and sitting in front of a twinkling Christmas Tree! It is also a great time to reflect on how grateful we should be to be able to do that and remember those that have to work over Christmas, the doctors and nurses looking after those unwell, the police, the fire service, other emergency services as well as those involved in the many bars and restaurants that will be open. That is exactly what the BubbleBum staff will be doing this Christmas!