Millenial Mum’s New Age Resolutions

With the new year approaching many of us will be setting new year’s resolutions and creating new goals to help improve our lives. The millennial mum is someone who will be doing this and taking their resolutions very seriously. Many people pledge to join the gym, to eat healthy or to spend more time with family but the millennial mum does not conform to traditional resolutions.

Many of you are probably questioning what is a millennial mum? The millennial mum has not only taken over the workforce, they are beginning to be an important group in society, which includes a lot of mothers today, and their new year’s resolution is not as traditional as one might expect.

A millennial mum is someone like me and many of my co-workers here at BubbleBum; an educated woman in my early thirties who has redefined the word ‘mother’. Education and joining the workforce has delayed having children until over the age of 28 which in turn has affected our parenting style. Not only am I a mother, I have been to University, work full-time, run a home, and still have time for ‘date nights’ with my hubby, the gym, and dinner and drinks with my girlfriends.


I, like many other millennial mums, differ from my own mother. We are not like free range mums or organic mums, we are somewhere in between. We are mothers who were born in the late eighties and early nineties, who grew up with evolving technology, but also grew up climbing trees and playing in the dirt. The last true generation of children whose minds have not been shaped by technology, but enhanced.

We still hold the traditional values passed on from our own mothers but are happy to use technology to help us in our lives.  We hit google for everything! The baby has a runny nose – google, my washing machine stopped – you tube tutorial, need recommendations for a new car booster seat. We are not afraid to use online resources to make life easier and to solve problems unlike our parents and we do not replace interaction with technology. We shop online for everything, even our food shopping and we check out reviews of the products before every purchase. Safety is important to us, we are well informed and make good decisions from what we read online and expert advice is key.


The millennial mum is therefore unlike any other mother this society has seen, and our new year’s resolutions and goals are of course a little different, traditional in a way but with a connected edge.

Our new year’s resolutions comprise of improving safety for our children, spending more time with our children doing productive tasks that will help them grow, we love sensory play. Cook more at home and cook more natural foods as refined sugar is the devil and we hate it so much that we use an app to count the sugar content in every piece of food that our child eats. We also want to have more family meal times. Life can be so busy; kids, work, gym, after school activities, sometimes sitting down as a family can be difficult. This time is important as it allows families to reflect on their day, talk and share stories and thoughts. We also want to have less screen time, as many of us use our mobile phones, tablets and laptops a lot. As the world has progressed we too have moved with technology but we still remember the importance of physical play and time in the sunshine running and exploring the world. Many millennial mums will make their resolutions and stick to them as they are a resilient and determined bunch! And our resolutions will help us in our family, work, and personal life!

What is your new year’s resolution?