Travelling with kids this summer?

Booster Seat Laws.

Are you travelling with kids this summer and worried about booster seat laws etc?  Luckily if you’re driving the family to the continent this summer we have put together a handy guide for you for some of the most popular destinations in the EU.  If you are a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle or any adult travelling with kids it is vitally important that you understand the legal requirements for booster seat laws in the EU.  Whilst the UN ECE R4404 covers the car booster seat legislation in general, some countries apply the law slightly differently.

Have a look at the table below for guidelines on using appropriate restraints for passengers/children in each country.

Country Age height up to
UK 4-11 and 1.35m
 Germany Germany 12 and 1.5m
 gibraltar Gibraltar 12 and 1.35m
 spain Spain 12 and 1.35m
 Portugal Portugal 12 and 1.35m
 Austria Austria 14 and 1.5m
 france France 10 and 1.35m
 Malta Malta 3-10 and 1.5m – They may use an adult belt if a suitable restraint is not available.
 Italy Italy 4-11 and 1.35m
 norway Norway na 1.35m
 Netherlands Netherlands 18 and 1.35m
 Poland Poland 12 and 1.5m
 sweden Sweden 15 and 1.35m
 switzerland Switzerland 12 and 1.5m

If the country you are travelling to does not appear or if you require any further information please visit

travelling with kids car seat laws

Travelling with kids