Would you trade your grubby chubby child for a posh tot?

Tatler have produced a “toddler etiquette” guide on how to raise a posh baby. BubbleBum are wondering if these parents have ever had their child be sick on their shirt before you leave for work or had to change their clothes because their posh baby wee’d on them. But I am guessing their babies’ nappies full of rose petals! We … Read More

Does your child matter? Distracted driving and social shaming


Distracted Driving and Social Shaming As a parent many things worry me and many parents live in a constant state of anxiety, thinking at least 100 times a day about their children. From your child’s well being like are they healthy, to their diet are they getting their 5 a day? To their emotional state, is my child happy? To … Read More

BubbleBum’s Top Tasty Takeaway Tips

Many families throughout the UK are now celebrating, making it through the first week of back to school in one piece, with a Friday night take away. A tradition that is passed on from generation to generation and it would be awful if we did not keep the Friday Night Takeaway Tradition alive! Back to school can be a hectic … Read More

Why BubbleBum Perfect for School Runs and School Trips

It’s back to school time and you should  think about keeping your littles and their friends safe on every journey with a BubbleBum Booster Seat, perfect for back to school kits. Going back to school can be an expensive time for parents, with uniforms, shoes and supplies pulling at your purse strings, it is sometimes easy to forgot the must … Read More

Join Bubblebum Creator and Founder on Facebook LIVE

BubbleBum inventor and business women Grainne Kelly will be live on BubbleBum UK Facebook Page on Tuesday 15th August at 3.00 pm – 3.30 pm Northern Irish Mother of two Grainne Kelly invented the BubbleBum in 2009 and it took her only 9 months to bring her fantastic idea of the world’s first inflatable and deflatable car seat to life, … Read More

BubbleBum’s Top Tips for Car Rental

There are several things that you should remember when you are renting a car while on holidays or during a visit to a different country. Here is BubbleBum’s Top Tips for Car Rental in Ireland and UK. You should consider how many passengers and how much luggage you have. You should rent a car that will comfortably accommodate your passengers … Read More

BubbleBum Travel Car Booster Seat For Every Journey and Holiday

Most of the UK population take their main holiday in July and August, this is because the kids are off school for the summer break and it is the hottest months of the year. Giving us a chance to recharge our batteries and spend quality time with our families and little ones. Many UK residents are now opting for the … Read More

BubbleBum Foldable Car Booster Seat the Family Holiday Essential

Are you going on a Family Holiday? With the summer in full swing and the British and Irish Weather not giving us much hope of summer bliss, many of us are jetting off to warmer climates. There are many things a family must remember to pack for their trips away. But have you remembered your child’s car seat? A large … Read More

Why your child needs a BubbleBum Car Booster Seat

BubbleBum Travel Car Booster Seat is an inflatable and deflatable booster seat for children aged between 4 – 11 years old. This portable, lightweight, narrow travel booster seat easily deflates folding flat into its own bag so that mum, dad or even your children can carry it in their backpack, in a rucksack, handbag or even store it in the … Read More

BubbleBum Tips for Family Travel

My Holiday Travel Checklist for all the Family BubbleBum know to well how difficult and trying it can be travelling with your littles, we invented the BubbleBum Inflatable and deflatable Travel Car Booster Seat to make travelling with your children (aged 4-11) easier but let us help you further and follow our Top 8 Family Holiday Travel Tips for travelling … Read More

April Fools Day Art Projects

Well, it’ll be April Fool’s Day soon, and as everybody likes harmless (!) fun pranks, we have scoured the Internet for some fun April Fools Day art projects you can get stuck into with your children. Here are our favourites. Jack in the Box All you need to create this fun prank is a picture of your child, 2 pieces … Read More

Introducing the Oblumi Tapp Digital Smartphone Thermometer

BubbleBum UK Ltd are pleased to introduce the latest addition to our range: the Oblumi Tapp Digital Smartphone Thermometer. If you have ever wished could take your children’s temperature without the torture of having to wait seemingly forever, this smart thermometer is everything you ever hoped for – and more. The Oblumi Tapp Digital Smartphone Thermometer Connecting to your mobile … Read More

A Mother, a Need and an Inspirational True Story of Success

It’s Mother’s Day on the 26th of this month. As everyone is preparing to thank their mums for being simply amazing, we thought we bring you one mother’s inspirational true story of success… The Beginning Allow us to transport you back in time to March 2009, when BubbleBum CEO Grainne Kelly’s inspirational true story of success started: Having yet again … Read More

The Truth About The UK Car Booster Seat Law

  The truth about the UK Booster law https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-child-car-seat-rules-no-change-for-existing-booster-seats In response to the confusing messaging and misconceptions surrounding the amendments to the booster seat laws, the Government and the BPA have released statements today. We prefer to go straight to the horse’s mouth for factual information. According to the DOT, “Existing booster seats and cushions are not affected by new … Read More

Valentines Arts and Crafts for Toddlers 

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner – and what better way to tell someone you love them than with a home-made gift. Here are a few Valentines arts and crafts for toddlers you can work on with your little ones to give to their favourite friends, Mum, Dad, grandparents or whoever they wish to tell ‘I love you’… Valentines … Read More

UK Car Booster Seat Law Changes; Misconceptions Addressed

The truth about the booster seat law. You don’t go to a butchers for a hair cut so why rely on misinformed sources when trying to understand the booster seat law. The current law in place governing the UK & EU is the UNECE R44.04, and this will remain in place for the foreseeable future. The BPA (Baby Products Association) … Read More

Winter Sun Give Away

Winter Sun Give Away Winter Sun Give Away – We are really excited to announce that we have partnered with our friends over at Tots to Travel . We are giving away a Fanbubbletastic winter sun travel bundle. The Bubble Bum booster seat which you can pick in pink or black The oh so comfy kids towel poncho which is one … Read More

Why Is The Boost Of A Booster Seat Important?

Why is boost important? This question is one that has a very important answer. Although we like to keep our blog posts as light hearted as possible we feel it is important that everyone understands the importance of boost for a child whilst travelling in a car. A child does not behave like a crash test Dummy! Without the raised … Read More

Big BubbleBum Halloween Prize Bundle

Big BubbleBum Halloween Prize Bundle Big BubbleBum Halloween Prize Bundle – We have a fanbubbletastic Halloween prize to give away to one lucky winner. Prize includes The amazingly popular family Game PieFace BubbleBum car booster seat – Choice of Black or Pink Boys & girls hooded towel poncho Halloween Bucket filled with chocolate orange tangerines (as shown)     To … Read More

Free Bubblebum Poncho – Absolutely FREE

Free Poncho Free Poncho – Special offer We are delighted to bring you a lovely offer for the month of October. When you purchase a BubbleBum booster seat from our website this month your will receive one of our snug hooded Boys and girls towel ponchos worth £12.99 absolutely FREE. Our Ponchos are very high quality and they are perfect … Read More

Back Seat Wisdom

From Out Of The Mouths Of Babes….. Back seat wisdom – The back seat of the car can be a great source of wisdom from our little ones. We asked some parents to share their funniest quotes. Here are some quotes that made us laugh…   “I get scared when mummy drives me to school but I feel safe with … Read More

Flying with Children; Tips

Flying With Children Flying with children can be very stressful for parents. Flying for me is such a stressful experience from start to finish. Sweaty palms, anxiety, restlessness and worry are just some of the things I go through even before I have boarded the plane. I now have a 2 year old daughter and we are planning a family … Read More