How To Sanitise Your BubbleBum Booster Seat

How to clean your bubblebum


Easy to Carry, Easy to Clean!

A study in 2019 found that the average child’s car seat has twice as many harmful bacteria and viruses as the average toilet! So of course, it’s vitally important that you clean your child’s car seat regularly, and NEVER put them in a position where they have to use a shared car seat!

BubbleBum Can Help Remove The Danger!

Unlike other car seats on the market, the BubbleBum can be fully sanitised without having to remove and machine wash the cover. It can also go everywhere with your child so they will never have to use a filthy shared car seat ever again!

Three Steps to Sanitisation

Step 1- Spray the BubbleBum all over with a non-bleach, non-flammable antibacterial spray.

Step 2- Spray and wipe the side clips and shoulder belt positioning clip.

Step 3- Allow to air dry.

How to Sanitise Your BubbleBum