BubbleBum’s Most Empowering Mum Bloggers

BubbleBum's Most Empowering Mum Bloggers

With Mother’s Day approaching, at BubbleBum we’ve been discussing the usual Mother’s Day themes such as presents to buy, Mother’s Day card crafts etc but we decided it would be more useful to celebrate the momma’s who support other mothers in the UK and throughout the world. Mum bloggers!

Mum bloggers/influencers have become a key support and information network for mothers (and fathers!). These women offer honest insights into their family life and are popular because they are so relatable to the mothers who follow them. Mum bloggers offer support, parenting hacks, exercise ideas, recipes, shopping advice, kid’s clothes and product reviews, all whilst remaining witty and good-humoured. We think that is a very important role in today’s world. 

BubbleBum Booster Seats have worked with many amazing mums and families throughout the years and as a mum of two little ladies, I personally have loved following every single one of them. To celebrate Mother’s Day this year we are celebrating the mums who empower and support other mums throughout the world. They deserve recognition for all their hard work and dedication to the digital support network they and others have created! 

Check out some of BubbleBum Booster Seat’s top UK mum bloggers- I guarantee you, if you follow them, you will grow to love them as we do!

Emilyroseross_x  a mum-of-three who blogs about fashion, fitness, postnatal care, kids, and mental health. A beautiful soul who has the best oat recipe ever! 

Withlovethemcleods a cool mamma who is kept busy with 4 little humans who are so adorable, this family is filled with fun and adventure and have the best reviews in town! 

TheStaries this motherhood and lifestyle blogger is about beauty, homelife and renovating. She has two little princesses with the best smiles that will brighten up anyone’s day.

Jen_and_her_tribe_of_7 this mamma deserves a medal with 7 little people. She offers an amazing honest insight into parenting a large family, and with 4 kids under four, this momma is certainly empowering! 

Daughtersanddreams is a mum from the same part of the world as BubbleBum Booster Seats and we love following a real working mother’s journey with three princesses in tow… and what a beautiful home!

Mummywright7 this amazing mum has a tribe of 7 and is the best babywearing mama on the block, offering honest views on parenting. This mama is so cool and has an amazing collection of strollers! 

ThisMamaDoes honestly one of my fav mom influencers out there, this amazing woman presents motherhood in its true colours and has a really good time along the way. A fun-filled family with a woman at the helm who has the power to inspire many! 

The Lake District this beautiful mamma takes beautiful pictures and captures the most stunning scenes while presenting family life with her little people enjoying the outdoors. 


BubbleBum's Most Empowering Mum Bloggers



Written by Laura O’Neill, BubbleBum marketing executive and mother of 2 little princesses.