Autumn leaves, glue and glitter: your kids indoors survival guide

With Autumn now adding a chill to the air and leaves falling from the trees, it is hibernation season for many animals, but this also applies to many families in the UK. With Halloween now over we are preparing for Christmas and the winter months.

When the rain starts to pour, and the wind is battering our chimney tops we immediately retreat inside to the cosy warmth of our homes.

Autumn and Winter is a great time at BubbleBum, we wrap up warm in our woollies, but we understand that the winter can be long with energetic and playful children. Of course, all they want to do is run free and they don’t care about often inclement weather….rain, wind, snow or hail all in the same hour sometimes; as parents we want them to burn off all that energy. So, the never-ending conundrum of how do we do this when the children are often cooped up indoors for days on end while the weather batters against the doors and windows?

Fear not you will not be stranded in your homes with your little ones climbing the walls out of boredom, here are our top tips to enjoy family time this chilly season. Board


games…yes you heard us right, old fashioned and faithful board games, these will keep your kids entertained for hours. Having a range of games for different age levels will stop any arguments. Our favourites are Jitter Bugs for the toddlers and pre-schoolers. Junior monopoly for the tweens and Jenga, Twister and Charades for Kids are also time killers. You can even offer your teens ‘chore’ passes if they join in and take the lead to help the little one’s play!

Little BubbleBum's Forest walk

Autumn leaf hunt – there is nothing better than hitting your local country park or forest armed with buckets, sandwiches, welly boots, coats and of

course hats and scarves. Wrap up warm and take your kids on a nature walk. It doesn’t matter if it is raining that will add to the adventure! Get your kids to collect the different types of leaves in their buckets (save for an autumn picture at home), have a rest and a snack, jump in muddle puddles and explore nature with all the amazing colours autumn has to offer.

Arts and Crafts – these are tantrum proof when it comes kids. All you need is ‘stuff’ as much or as little, bits of tinfoil, cardboard, cotton wool, pasta, anything your kids can stick! And of course, leaves from your autumn walk. You will also need paper, scissors and PVA

BubbleBum Arts and Crafts

glue. Let your kids be creative and make pictures, they will spend ages cutting and sticking and they will be delighted with their master pieces.

Pasta Jewellery – This is one of our favourite indoor activities! All you need is dry pasta, penne works best as it has a hole for threading. You also need string or wool, glitter and diamonds, if your child likes a little bling, and some paint! This one can get a little messy so best to put down some old papers where your child will be working. Let your child paint the pasta, sprinkle on the glitter, let it dry then thread it onto the wool making a lovely necklace, bracelet or even decorations.

Hide and seek BubbleBum style! Choose an item…any item really, nothing too small or too big, maybe a small ball, a soft ball or a bag of chocolate coins, if you want to add a little treat to the game. Let your kids take turns hiding the item around the house. Then let them loose to find it, best to put a time limit on the seeking element as some kids hide the item in the strangest of places and their siblings will never find it! Warning this game can get messy! But then you can offer an extra reward for cleaning up the mess afterwards. Win – win really.

These games are all you need to survive the bleak Autumn days with your littles at home. If you have any good indoor games, ideas or suggestions please share as we would love to give them a go!