1. What is a booster seat?

A booster seat positions the vehicle seat belt over the strongest parts of the body i.e. low across the top of the thighs (on bony pelvis)and across the center of the chest, never across the face or neck. Booster Seats also provide ‘boost’ to prevent slouching. (Test dummies never slouch forward to get comfortable, only children, this is why it is important to use a seat with a slight raise in height).


2. How does it work?

Inflate your BubbleBum easily by blowing into the air valve, just a few puffs. The clever side clips position the lap belt perfectly and the shoulder belt positioning clip ensures that the vehicle shoulder belt sits across the center of the chest. BubbleBum easily deflates for storage.


3. Why use BubbleBum? BubbleBummakes it easy for your child to travel with a booster seat on EVERYjourney. BubbleBum is so compact and lightweight that it can travel with your child rather than having to rely on having one in the vehicle or in a friend’s car.

BubbleBumtakes up less space and is the lightest seat on the market making it mostcompact and portable car booster seat in the world. So small and light that it is easy to store in a backpack, a glove compartment or even a handbag.

FACT: Your child is 59% safer when riding on a booster as opposed to using a vehicle seat belt alone.


4. What is a shoulder belt positioning clip?

A shoulder belt positioning clip is for comfort only and positions the vehicle seatbelt across the center of the chest away from the face and neck.This prevents the vehicle seatbelt being a discomfort to the child, often resulting in the child putting the vehicle seatbelt under the arm or behind the back, which is extremely dangerous.


5. Is BubbleBum comfortable?

We know that rigid seats give children ‘dead legs’ when travelling on any lengthy journey. BubbleBum is inflatable and super comfy, therefore, no more ‘dead legs!’ The ‘boost’ created when the seat is inflated makes it easier for the child to sit with their back against the vehicle seat due to the introduction of a gradient on the legs.This prevents the child from **slouching forward to bend their legs over the vehicle seat.

**Children slouching forward, creating space between their back and the vehicle seat back, is very dangerous. In the event of a crash this loosensthe vehicle seat belt and can cause serious lifelong abdominal injuries. This Is why booster seats are raised up slightly. Crash test dummies do not behave the same way a child does as crash test dummies do not get fidgety or uncomfortable.


6. Patented innovation

BubbleBum is the world’s first inflatable car booster seat and meets and exceeds both EU and US regulatory requirements. This is the first truly portable and lightweight innovation since booster seats were first introduced, now selling in more than twenty-eight countries with extensive patents granted.


7. Technical specifications (Age, height and weight)

Best practice for your child is to remain in a booster seat until the age of eleven AND/OR until they reach a height of 57 inches. This is when their body proportions are starting to be more like that of a small adult and they can sit properly in the vehicle seat.

Never transition your child to a booster seat until at least the age of four AND weight of 40lbs.

When inflated the seat measures 11 X 11 X 4.5 Inches. When deflated the seat measures 11.8 x 5.9 x 3.9 Inches.

Seat must be used inflated, the seat performs well in the deflated state, but we know that kids do not perform like the crash test dummy as they slouch when they have no ‘boost’.


8. What is the BubbleBum made of?

The BubbleBum is made out of similar components to that of air-bags, life-rafts and life vests. It contains memory foam technology which is one of the reasons why we have passed our crash testing in the deflated state. The super tough, rigid side clips provide perfect belt fit and replace the arm rests that conventional seats use to position the lap belt. This keeps the design sleek and narrow, saving space in your back seat.


9. Safety

BubbleBum is crash test approved and meets and exceeds the US FMVSS 213 safety regulations. These entail both crash testing and materials testing. BubbleBum has been awarded the Best BET Booster Award by the Insurance institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) for four consecutive years.


10. Warranty

BubbleBum is covered under warranty for 12 months for manufacturing defects. Please see Terms &Conditions.

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