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My sister had a 3rd son and couldn’t figure out how to fit an infant carseat, toddler carseat and a booster in the backseat of her car. With the BubbleBum they all fit comfortably! We use ours as an extra booster for carpool in my minivan- the kids all fight over it and when my son had a party at a friends house and got a ride home, I was comfortable knowing he was properly restrained in his BubbleBum that he stored in his backpack- thank you for one amazing product!
Aura Haft

The BubbleBum Booster Seat is ace. It saved us a whole car seat’s worth of space in our suitcase, and despite my concerns that it would require a superhuman amount of puff, was incredibly easy to inflate and took less than a minute to be ready to use. The valve on the side that you twist open and closed worked perfectly, and when the seat is deflated can be shut to minimise the amount of space it takes up in your luggage. It’s comfortable and sturdy enough for the kids to use on your holidays, or as an emergency seat to keep in the car for visiting children (it fits in the middle of the back seat of our car between our two normal booster seats, for example). So as a space and cost saving alternative to taking your own booster seats on holiday, or hiring them along with your rental car, the BubbleBum is a fantastic solution.
Justine Seeper

As you know juggling 2 children and all our suitcases can offer enough challenges when travelling abroad without the additional stress or hassle of either putting the children on your lap for transfers to your resort or carrying your own booster seats. We were more than happy to try the BubbleBum seats out on our recent holiday to Mauritius over Easter. The BubbleBum fitted nicely into the children’s hand luggage and it was easy to inflate taking less than 30 seconds. Surprisingly it also fitted easily back into the carry bag when not in use. Both children, Harrison just turned 9 & Emily aged 5 had an easy and fun way to be safe and comfortable whist travelling from the airport to our first hotel.
Donna Waddington

I recently used a BubbleBum for my 2 children on a trip to Legoland. Both of my children found it so comfortable, my little girl particularly liked the colour too! I also used both BubbleBums during a weekend in London. We caught the train to London to stay with family. They have a car so we took the BubbleBums in our suitcase (they packed so small it hardly took up any room at all) and made use of their car whilst there. In the past we have always had to take our own car as it would just be impossible for me to travel with 2 children and 2 car seats and luggage on a train. It also worked out a lot cheaper taking the train so a great way to save money too. Whilst in London we made use of the BubbleBum in restaurants and also in the Cinema!
Nicola Reetz

By the way, i purchased one of the BubbleBum booster seats after seeing it on your website and it is Fabulous !!   My daughter loves it because it feels more like a grown up cushion rather than a booster – Praise from an 8 year old !!
Dawn McCormick

I bought three of your seats for my children for when we went on holiday, used them when we travelled from Ireland to UK to visit my parents, and got loads of questions from the car hire company they thought they were brill and then used them again when we went to Menorca, the kids love them and so do I ♥
Jan Wilkins

A quick note from myself and my son Cian. We bought one and used it for the first time last week on holiday – one word – FABULOUS!! He is proud to be a Bubblebum Buddy!
Angela Moore

Just though I’d let you know, the seat did everything we wanted it to and we are really pleased.  It was really convenitent, and saved a lot of space in our pakcing and the girls faught over who was going to use it!  Fortunately, we never got to ‘crash-test’ it (!) but in terms of confidence, convenience and comfort – great.
Tony Weir & Edinburgh

A few months ago we bought 2 bubblebums for our 2 kids. We are just back from our 4 week trip in the US. We traveled over 5000 miles and the kids are very satisfied with them. They even want to use them instead of the one’s we use at home. Compact to travel with and comfortable to travel on! The kids were proud to carry them as hand luggage on our flight back.
Luc, Yvonne, Marilene & Thomas

I was given a BubbleBum for my trip to the USA this summer. It was fantastic! My Daughter packed it in her backpack and carried it as hand luggage. It was so compact and comfortable for her. Even in temperatures of 90-100 degrees the seat did not overheat as the previous plastic and leather ones had. A true godsend!!!!
Maeve. Northern Ireland

My kids refuse to sit on the rigid booster seats after trying a BubbleBum.  I suppose you can’t blame them, after sitting on a solid plastic seat going over bumpy roads! It is a pleasure to have a safety product that actual appeals to my kids and not just adults.
Tracy. Republic of Ireland

Not being able to collect my daughter from school has always been a concern for me as it is impossible for me to distribute booster seats to childminders and every relative. I bought a BubbleBum to put in her schoolbag and now she always has one with her even when Granny collects her! It has made my life so much easier.
Jacqui. Belfast

Having agreed to collect my friend’s child from school I realised that I could not fit 3 regular booster seats in the back of my car!!!!! Such a dilemma. I got my hands on 3 BubbleBums and now I can comfortably fit the 3 seats along the back seat.
Michelle. Northern Ireland

Bubblebum………nice and squidgy!
Kaia Kirby aged 4

We’ve never managed to get 3 car seats in the back of our VW Golf before, using a bubblebum made it easy and the children still had plenty of room
Stephen Lyons, Cambridgeshire

Wow these are so much more comfortable than the hard ones we normally use.
Amelia Szymborski (aged 9) Lincolnshire.

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