Mar 2013

Being BubbleBum

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Hi Buddies,

We came across this review on a great website simply called ‘Being 5′:

being BubbleBum.




A name that will make your five-year old daughter giggle and a product that will save your parenting sanity. All rolled up into one little pouch that will fit into your purse. Really, I have one in mine right now.

When the team at BubbleBum sent me an email, asking to test out the first inflatable booster seat, I was certainly interested — as the girls get older and play dates with little friends from school become part of our daily routine, lugging around an extra booster seat seems to be status quo. But honestly, I don’t have room in my car to stash away an extra seat at all times… especially considering that Everett prefers to keep his entire shoe collection in there and Janie has at least 10-12 books in reserve next to her seat for the five-minute drive to school in the mornings.

BubbleBum (giggle, giggle) is the solution. Here’s why:

1. It comes in its own little soft carrying case that you could literally throw in your purse, if you needed to. Great for school field trips, jumping in another family’s car for a last minute carpool or even for stashing in your kiddo’s backpack for an after-school play date.

2. It doesn’t take long to blow up… and it’s easy to do. I was afraid that I’d be lightheaded by the time I was done blowing up the BubbleBum, but the mouthpiece is awesome   and it fills up much quicker than you’d think.

3. This thing is well made! I am so impressed with the quality of the BubbleBum. When I picture an inflatable booster seat, I think of a mini-version of a pool flotation device — you know, the ones that always flip over when you’re trying to reach for your wine cooler? BubbleBum is a huge improvement — it feels very secure and sturdy, despite being an inflatable and it’s survived my bouncy Meg, so I’m certain it will stand the test of time in our car.

4. If you travel often and have kids who are still booster seat material, BubbleBum is the way to go. No more checking boosters at the airport. No more lugging them through security as carry ons to make sure they don’t get damaged under the plane. No more taking up precious suitcase room.

5. Here’s the greatest mystery in the land of parenting: How do you fit three booster seats or car seats, of any kind, across one row in your car? There aren’t many seats or boosters that will do this, but BubbleBum makes it easy to do. Until about a year ago, we had all three kids in the backseat of our car before we upgraded to a vehicle with a third row (also known as the greatest day of my life). Buckling three kids, in one row, isn’t fun. It takes a lot of wiggling and at times, feels less safe than it should. I love that BubbleBum allows you to get three in a row, or to get a booster in next to two car seats or whatever your arrangement may be. I’ve been there. I get it.

6. A bonus reason… They carry it at Target. You know how I feel about Target. (enter swoony hearts here.)


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