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Sep 2014

BubbleBum appeared on Fox4 Kansas City as part of Tracey Hawkins’ ‘Safety Products for Kids’ for national Child Passenger Safety month, 2014.

Tracey recommended her top products to keep kids safe when traveling. Check it out below:




Sep 2014

The First Day Of Autumn

In blog | posted by: Declan McGuinness

If official folks, the summer is now over and we’re beginning our slow move into winter. (Although with the weather here today you’d be forgiven for thinking its winter already.) Here at BubbleBum we love Autumn! Autumn is one of the most beautiful times of the year here in Ireland with a lot of wonderful colours throughout the country and the city.

autumnSo with that in mind why don’t you and the Kids go exploring together in order to find some Autumn wonders. Below we have some ideas for things you and your kids can to do enjoy the change in seasons.


Leaf Prints: 


These are a simple way for you and your kids to create some Autumn themed art work to be displayed on around your house. Pick some nice leaves from outside, bigger is better, although lots of little small leaves will allow you to create a nice collage. Place your leaves on a sheet of paper or plastic ( you don’t want to get paint all over your furniture!). Now paint your leaves (water colours work fantastically for this), try using different styles or each sheet of paper, natural colours for one then more non-realistic leaf colours for others. Once your leaves are painted and arranged in the style you’d like, place a piece of paper over your leaves so that the paint prints . Apply some pressure to the area were the leaves are to ensure that the paint transfers properly, then remove the leaves and allow the paint to dry. Hopefully they turn out well, and you can enjoy displaying them around our house as some Autumn decoration.


Leaf Maze: 

During our searches around the internet we stumbled upon this wonderful idea for an outdoor activity. Making leaf mazes gives you an reason to be excited  to rake up a yard full of leaves.  These can be as difficult of as easy as you’d like to make them, and for those of you with an artistic flare you can be as creative as you’d like with the style of you maze. Your kids can deveolp their critical thinking skills, spacial awareness and how to look ahead and plan. For more information and Happy Hooligans

Sep 2014

BubbleBum FAQ

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Hi folks, here at BubbleBum HQ we get lots of questions about our car Booster seat. We have put together some short FAQ’s based on these questions and customer feedback. If you have any questions which aren’t answered or you would like to know more, why don’t you Tweet us here, or get us on our Facebook here.

• Can you fit 3 child seats in back of Volkswagen golf?
With BubbleBum, you can easily fit three car seats across the back seat provided that there are 3, 3 point seat belts to restrain the children. You can also fit 2 larger harnessed car seats and a BubbleBum across the back of most cars.

• At what age would you recommend a child using car booster seats?
For a child to use any car booster seat, we suggest that the child must meet both the correct weight and height requirements. The recommended age range for using BubbleBum is between 4 and 11 years old, weighing from 15-36kg and up to 135cms in height.  We would recommend that you keep your child in the lowest group car seat until the maximum weight allowances for that restraint before moving up to the next group.

• Are BubbleBum boosters legal in Canada/France/Australia/new Zealand?
BubbleBum is not yet approved for use in either Canada or Australia… However, BubbleBum has been approved for use in all of the EU, Switzerland and New Zealand.

• Are inflatable booster seats legal in the UK?
Yes. BubbleBum has been approved for use in the UK and EU. BubbleBum meets and exceeds the United Nations ECE R44.04 regulation and has been crashed tested in the deflated state.

• Are portable car seats safe?
BubbleBum has been tested and approved to the ECE R44.04 standard in the inflated and deflated state, and crash tested to meet the USA FMVSS213 federal safety standards. As with all car seats, read the instructions carefully and email us, call us or find us on Facebook or Twitter if you have any concerns!

•How do you inflate a BubbleBum booster seat?
The BubbleBum inflates in less than 30 seconds by blowing into the valve at the rear of the seat. When the seat has been inflated more than twice, it is even easier as the seat tries to self-inflate. Be sure to close the valve when you have fully inflated the seat. To deflate the seat, simple open the valve, set the seat on a hard surface and push down on it with your hands and then roll the seat to get all the air out. Once you have rolled the seat, close the valve and pop the seat into its carry bag.

• What is better BubbleBum Booster Seats or Boostapak booster seats?
The BubbleBum inflatable car booster seat is designed to fit into your busy family life and can go with your family wherever they go. Weighing just half a kilogram it’s easy to carry and lighter than most rigid car seats. In the narrowest car booster seat on the market, 33cm x 33cm x 11cm when inflated, you can easily fit three car seats across the rear seat. Its small fold-able and packable design means that BubbleBum fits perfectly into your kids rucksacks without taking up much space and giving them control and responsibility for their booster seat. BubbleBum can also be carried in mum’s handbag or a travel bag.
• Can you use BubbleBum car seats daily (i.e. on a permanent basis)?
Yes, BubbleBum can be used as your permanent, everyday car booster seat as it meets and exceeds all safety regulations for booster seat use. However, we would recommend that regular checks are done on the car seat to ensure that it is not only inflated correctly but also that it is installed correctly in the car.

• How the BubbleBum business got to where it is today?
BubbleBum was founded in 2009 by inventor and CEO, Grainne Kelly, who came up with the idea for BubbleBum after becoming frustrated and concerned for her own children’s safety while travelling. Grainne decided that she needed to come up with a solution to this problem and create a car booster seat which was portable and there for inflatable and deflatable, so it could be stored easily in a handbag or rucksack. Grainne took her idea from concept to shelf in just 9 months, entering 24 different countries in the space of 24 months! Now we are continuing to expand by taking on new staff and producing new products which we hope to announce shortly!


Don’t forget if you have any other questions for us regarding Bubblebum, you can:



Sep 2014

ABC Kids Expo 2014

In blog, Bubblebum News | posted by: Zara McBrearty
ABC Kids Expo 2014


So that’s the ABC Kids Expo over for another year!

We had an amazing time meeting all of our existing and new BubbleBum fans, showing off a few new products coming out in the new year and getting feedback from our valued retailers! Thanks to everyone that stopped by our booth and to the ABC team for looking after us so well.

We are already excited for next years show.  :)

BubbleBum gals at the ABC show 2014
Sep 2014
BubbleBum Inventor, Grainne Kelly


Child Passenger Safety Week is September 14-20, 2014. Since we at Celebrity Baby Trends know safety is paramount to you, we want to bring you safe family car travel tips from Family Car Travel Expert Grainne Kelly, founder of the BubbleBum inflatable car booster seat. From how to use car seats and car booster seats, to car safety and entertainment, here’s everything you need to know from the pro.

Many parents wonder how they can tell if their child is ready for a car booster seat. Here is what to look for:

  • A child should be kept in the five-point harness seat until he or she reaches the upper weight limit of that seat.
  • Both age and weight requirements should be considered before moving to a booster seat. A child should weigh over 40 pounds and be more than 4 years of age.

Parents also want to know how to determine when a child doesn’t need a car booster seat anymore. Grainne shares this 5-step test:

  • A child should be able to sit with his or her back against the vehicle seat.
  • His or her knees should bend at the edge of the seat.
  • The lap belt is low on the top of the thighs.
  • The shoulder belt sits between the neck and shoulder.
  • The child does not slouch or lean out of the seat belt.

When it comes to entertainment, Grainne says some great toy choices are felt collage boards, free printable games, loom bands, and movies for long trips. Don’t bring along tiny toys like Legos in the car, as they can fall to the floor.

In addition to keeping a child safely seated and entertained, Grainne suggests these safety tips:

Keep the following must-haves in the trunk: jumper cables, flares, blankets, water, fire extinguisher, mini tire compressor, basic tools, rope/bungee cord, and a flashlight.

Also keep a first-aid kit stocked with pain reliever, thermometer, anti-itch lotion, bug bite/sting cream, instant ice pack, sunscreen, bug spray, motion sickness tabs, and bandages in the vehicle.

Another fantastic idea: keep extra BubbleBum inflatable car seats on hand. They are super handy for carpooling to school or a sports event, and anytime an unexpected extra little passenger goes along for the ride.

Today’s families are often on the go. By incorporating Grainne’s rules of car travel safety, you’re sure to be on the road to happy travels.


Sep 2014
BubbleBum Founder & CEO, Grainne Kelly


Grainne Kelly is the mastermind behind the BubbleBum inflatable car booster seat, the invention taking both carpool and family travels by storm. The BubbleBum is the first of it’s kind, a light-weight inflatable seat that folds up into a portable bag. Weighing less than half a pound, it takes the frustration out of lugging around a bulky booster and instead becomes the coolest new accessory that your kids will love to carry around.

New York Family sat down with Kelly to hear about the thought behind the BubbleBum design, more about the product and what we can expect to see from BubbleBum this coming year.

What details did you feel were essential to include when you designed the booster seat?

The most important part is convenience. It was a major inconvenience for me because I could never find car booster seats at a car rental desk. They didn’t keep them was because they didn’t have space to store them. I know that for a lot of parents inconvenience is a major factor and so I needed to design something that would be portable and foldable that would be easy to carry and easy to transport if you were going on vacation or even picking your kids up from school. So that was the main point.

There were two other important aspects. One problem that I had faced was that I found it really difficult to fit three booster seats across the rear seats in my vehicle. Then when I discovered that my friends were all the same and that we could only fit two booster seats in the back row, I made sure to make it so the design was narrow enough that you could fit three car booster seats across the back. That’s why we removed the arm rests. They don’t serve any purpose other than to position the lap belt and so we removed the armrests and put on the lap belt positioning clips on either side and they do the same job the armrests would do but they save four inches in space.

One of the other aspects of the design is the resistance of children to ride on a booster seat. Something that was really important was that they no longer wanted to sit on a baby seat. They never call it a booster seat, they call it a BubbleBum because it’s much cooler for them.

In regards to safety, how does the seat compare to regular booster seats?

BubbleBum meets and exceeds the US and European regulations and safety requirements.

We aim to introduce our readers to safe, convenient and kid-friendly products. If you were talking to one of our parent readers, how would you sell the product?

Our company vision is to see a booster seat on every journey and I understand how difficult it is, particularly for parents living in the city, to have a booster seat with them on every journey. The design of the BubbleBum is such that they can carry it in their backpack, they can carry it in the bottom of their stroller, they can carry it so easily. The kids can actually carry it themselves because once again, its their own product. Its something thats desirable now, its not like carrying a regular booster seat with them. So from that perspective its a much easier product for them to transport and its easier for the child and its easier for them [the parents] to sell the idea to the child because its a desirable product. They don’t have to force their child to use the booster seat.

What’s the lifespan of the seat? How does the product deal with wear and tear? How do you clean it?

It’s surface washable and the lifespan of the seat is four years. A booster seat is typically in the region of four years and the reason we have a four year lifespan is because a lot of people use the product for travel. While the materials will not degrade, we’re not sure people are going to take good care of it the way they would if it was in their back seat. So its just going to be subject to a lot more traveling than a regular booster seat would.

Can we expect to see any new products from the company in the coming year?

We have four new products coming out. We have one already in manufacture and its called the “Thingamybob.” One of the things the child will ask when they’re sitting in the back of the car is ‘Can I turn the light on?’ And of course the light on in the back is a real distraction to the driver. We’ve incorporated a light so the child can use that light in the back if they want to play with their toys or read a book. Then, they can take it off of the seatbelt in the car and put it on the shoulder strap on their backpack. There’s a reflective patch on there as well and the light then becomes a strobe light so its a safety feature, as well. There are three other products that we haven’t announced yet that will be coming in January of 2015. They’re all innovative solutions for families on the move.

Sep 2014

Have you heard of BubbleBum yet?

If you’ve got kids who still need booster seats and you’ve ever had to lug those around with you on vacation for the rental cars, or had to swap them from one parent’s car to another, believe it or not there IS an end to the pain!

We usually use convertible carseats and now that the girls are 7, we use them as “booster seats”. I remember well when we brought these along with us on vacation:




Pure. Unmitigated. Hell.

My husband is the lucky one who gets to regularly lug those seats from my car to his anytime we split up the kids for one-on-one time, or when I need my car and he needs the boosters in his car. Judging by the look on his face when he’s lugging our clunky carseats, he is not a happy camper!

And then came along a very nice company called BubbleBum with the answer to our carseat woes!


bubblebum hi res images prup_newpackaging_fullkit_flat copybubblebum hi res images happy kids2


See those nifty things up there? Those are the travel booster seats that BubbleBum let me try out on my kids.

These boosters are great! They inflate and install so easily! I could literally do it one-handed! Behold the awkwardly filmed (with the other hand) video!

Since we’ve installed them, my husband can take the kids on unplanned outings, even if our lunky, clunky carseats are still in my MomMobile and I’m miles away! He just pops these babies into his car and less than a minute later, they’re ready to go!

This makes him very happy!



And when we go on vacation to visit out-of-state relatives, the BubbleBum boosters deflate and roll up into these neat little carrysacks so we can take them with us without bulking up our luggage!

BubbleBum has a variety of colors and styles and is covered in a soft fabric. My two girls say they are very comfy and leave a lot more room in the back seat for their books and car toys. (You could also fit a third BubbleBum in that middle space if you have a shoulder seat belt.)

BubbleBum meets and exceeds all US Federal Motor Vehicle Standards FMVSS213 and the European Regulations EU R44/o4 and can be used for children over the age of 4 who are between 40 ~ 100 lbs in weight.

You can buy BubbleBum boosters at Walmart and Target for avg. retail price of $29.99. Find the store closest to you here.

Trust me, it’s SO worth it!

Sep 2014

Child Passenger Safety Must Haves

In in the media | posted by: Zara McBrearty
BubbleBum Inflatable Car Booster Seat


Child Passenger Safety Week is September 14-20! If you’re wondering how to ensure a safer car commute with your little ones, look no further. BubbleBum: the first ever inflatable car booster seat and car travel must-haves from Prince Lionheart, Difrax, BooginHead, and Pish Posh Baby will better protect your most precious cargo during all car trips. Equip your vehicle with these top-rated safety picks to keep the kiddos safer during all car travels.

BubbleBum Inflatable Car Booster Seats Ensure Safe & Stylish Carpools for the Kiddos

Make sure your little ones aged 4-11 ride along in safe and stylish fashion with the award-winning BubbleBum ($29.99) inflatable car booster seat. A fantastic alternative to the standard plastic booster seat, BubbleBum is perfect for everyday carpooling, school drop offs and pick ups, road trips, fly ins with car rentals, taxi cabs, and more. Not only does it weigh in at less than one pound and deflate in minutes for enhanced portability, but it also includes belt positioning clips in place of arm rests so that three boosters can fit across the back seat of a car, minivan, or SUV. The stylish purple, black, neon pink, and neon yellow designs are also helping to make car safety cool and more appealing to kiddos everywhere!

There’s no other comparison to BubbleBum when it comes to safety. Not only was BubbleBum announced the IIHS (Insurance Institute of Highway Safety) “Best Bet” in their booster seat evaluation report, where they branded BubbleBum as one of the best for safety, but the inflatable car booster seats also won GOLD in the 2014 National Parenting Publications Awards. BubbleBum is also is proud to join the exclusive winners circle selected by the PTPA (Parent Tested Parent Approved) Media Awards.


Sep 2014

The Boston Globe has complied a list of gear which is useful for those taking the family on the road and we’re proud to say that Bubblebum has been included on their list. :)


Have a look below at what they have to say about Bubblebum, or click here to see the full article.



Take the BubbleBum inflatable booster seat on your travels to help save valuable luggage space yet provide a safe and secure seat for your child. We’ve used ours in taxis, shuttles, and rental cars, or when we don’t want to lug a full-size car seat on a trip. The BubbleBum suits kids who weigh between 40 and 100 pounds, or about 4 to 11 years old. Inflate the seat, have your child sit on it, put the three-point seat belt in place; then attach the waist belt to the BubbleBum’s positioning straps, which keep the seat from slipping out in case of a quick stop. The BubbleBum weighs 1.2 pounds, has exceeded all crash-test ratings, and comes in black, purple, and two new funky psychedelic colors. $29.99.


Sep 2014

Parenting New Hampshire cover Bubblebum

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The wonderful guys and girls over at Parenting New Hampshire have included Bubblebum on both their website and their magazine!


We’d like to say thanks to everyone over at Parenting New Hampshire! Have a look below to see what they had to say about us for click here to visit their site. :)





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