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Apr 2014

So Fawned Blog Reviews BubbleBum

In Reviews | posted by: Zara McBrearty reviews BubbleBum Car Booster Seat! Check it out below:


bubble bum booster review001


With summer around the corner, many of us mamas are prepping for a vacation of some kind. One of the most stressful things for me is keeping my kiddos just as safe as they are at home when we are away from home. Whew, that was a mouthful! Car seats are bulky & generally a large pain in the hiney to travel with. This June, I am taking my four year old, my one year old, & my husband on vacation to my hometown in Michigan, and while I am so looking forward to time with family, watching my little boy splash in the lake, and campfire s’mores, I am so not looking forward to lugging two carseats on a four hour flight & then another three hour drive.


lake huron beach fun


Recently, we had the opportunity to try out a new Bubble Bum booster seat & I swear angels came down and sang from the skies when we received it. The Bubble Bum is revolutionary for parents who travel & even just for everyday use for when someone else picks up your kids from school/daycare.

This booster seat is deflatable & shrinks down to a size that can easily fit inside your diaper bag, purse, backpack, or glovebox. In fact, each of these booster seats come with their own travel bag that tucks away neatly. Our Bubble Bum makes car travel much less stressful and if I’m dropping my kids of to someone who doesn’t have an extra booster seat, I just deflate our Bubble Bum, toss it in the fun neon colored bag, & boo yah!


bubble bum booster review003


Bubble Bum has received several parenting & safety awards & meets all US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards as required by NHTSA. For more information on Bubble Bum or to order your own, visit their website!


Apr 2014

BubbleBum’s Top 5 Easter Craft Ideas For Kids

In blog | posted by: Zara McBrearty

The Easter holidays are here and the kids are already complaining they are bored. Fear not, we have found some great Easter craft ideas to help keep them busy for a few hours!

So let’s hop to it!

BubbleBum’s Top 5 Eggcelent Easter Craft Ideas 


Easter bunny masks

1. Bunny Masks

You’ll need: Cardboard, Pencil, Cotton wool – torn up, Glue, Paintbrush, Sticky-backed pink felt (available from craft shops), Double-sided tape, Scalpel,  A straw, Scissors and a Single hole punch.

How to: 1. Draw onto cardboard a bunny mask with extended sides and a bump for the nose. 2. Cut out, remove the eyes and stick on the pink felt in the centre of the ears. Cut the straw into half, then slice in half length-ways and cut four slits to near the end. 3. Paint on the glue and cover the mask with cotton wool. 4. Glue the “whiskers” into place on either side of the nose . 5. Then pierce tiny holes on either side of the mask  and attach thin wool or string  to each hole, so the mask can be tied at the back. 6. Finally, try the mask on and tie at the back. What a great Easter disguise!

Sharpie eggs

2. Crazy Colored Eggs

You’ll need:  Range of colored markers/sharpies/pens (pastel colors will work well) and Hard boiled eggs.

How to: Let the imagination run while and draw all sorts of crazy patterns and animals. There is no right or wrong!

Tip: Don’t use eggs straight from the fridge as the moisture prevents the  marker/pen from sticking to the egg.


Easter cards

3. Hand-Made Easter Cards

You’ll need: Assortment of colored ribbons, White and colored paper/card , Glue, Scissors, and sellotape.

How to: 1. Choose the color of your Easter card (pastel colors work well) and fold the card in half.  2. Cut out an egg shape on one side of the card to make a “window”. 3. Choose your assorted ribbons and create a pattern/design across the egg shaped window, sticking the ribbons down with sellotape at the ends. 4. Using your glue,  stick the white paper/card on top of your colored card to cover up the sellotape and messy ribbon ends. 5. Finally, write your Easter message inside your card and post or hand deliver to your loved ones.  The perfect Easter gift for grandparents! :)


Easter wooden spoons

4. Easter Wooden Spoons 

You’ll need: A few wooden spoons (old or new), Colored paints, Colored felt, Googly eyes and assorted colored feathers (you can purchase all of these from your local arts and crafts store), Glue, scissors and finally a black marker/pen.

How to:1. Decide on what you would like your spoon to be (Easter bunny, chick or a flower). 2. Paint your wooden spoon and wait for it to dry fully. 3. Using your glue, attach your googly eyes for a bunny or chick. 4. Using your colored felt, make ears, a chicks beak or flower petals/leaves and attach with glue. 5. Draw on whiskers, eyebrows and noses with your black marker/pen. 5. Now your decorative Easter wooden spoon is complete!


Easter bunting

5. Easy Easter Bunting

You’ll need: String, Clothes Pegs, White and colored card, Colored markers/pens and glue.

How to: 1. Using your colored card, cut out same sized squares to form the background of your bunting. 2. Using white card or paper, draw an Easter design or write/draw large letters to make up a word or phrase e.g. “Happy Easter”and cut these so they are slightly smaller squares than the colored card for the bunting background. 3. Glue your design or letters onto the colored background squares. 4. Tie your string to kitchen cabinets or across the mantelpiece, then attach your bunting with the clothes pegs. 5. There you have it, easy Easter bunting!

Wishing everyone a wonderful Easter weekend!

P.S. Try not to eat too much chocolate! ;)

NOTE: Some of the activities above require adult supervision and assistance.

Apr 2014

BubbleBum Wins Gold!

In Bubblebum News | posted by: Zara McBrearty
2014 NAPPA Gold Winner


BubbleBum are delighted to be named a GOLD winner at the 2014 National Parenting Publication Awards!

The award was granted based on innovation, attention to quality and safety.

Each year, NAPPA’s independent panel of expert judges and parents stringently test and evaluate hundreds of submissions and choose only the best of the best. Products are judged on innovation, safety, quality, educational value and the degree to which they assist busy parents and families. This year, 50 products were selected to receive the coveted Gold Award, while 129 others were designated as Silver or Honors winners.

For more information on the NAPPA’s visit:


Apr 2014

Trekaroo Reviews BubbleBum

In Reviews | posted by: Zara McBrearty

Family Travel website, Trekaroo reviews BubbleBum! Check it out below:


Bubble Bum


Do you remember riding in a car seat as a kid? Neither do I! Most of us born in the seventies and early eighties were out of car seats and into lap belts as soon as we could walk. As a matter of fact, I have vivid memories of sitting in my dad’s lap and “helping” drive the car. With today’s advances in safety, those days are long gone and most kids will be sitting in booster seats until their age reaches double digits. As a mom, I am grateful for these advances and am happy to keep my children in a booster seat until they are 18 if it will protect them, but as a traveler, I have found booster seats to be a MAJOR PAIN! They are heavy, cumbersome, and yet another thing to lug through airports. Bubble Bum claimed that they had a booster seat that was inflatable, compact, and lightweight, making it perfect for travel. I decided I needed to check out the product for myself.

Before agreeing to review this product, my first concern was safety. After all, the reason my children sit in booster seats is because I want to prevent serious injury in the event of an accident. Thankfully, safety is also the primary concern of the designer of the Bubble Bum, Grainne Kelly, who is a mom herself. She designed a product that meets or exceeds all FMVSS213 safety standards set forth by the NHTSA as well as European regulations. As a matter of fact, Bubble Bum was recently named a “Best Bet” by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety!


When our Bubble Bum arrived in its adorable little purple and green container, I was shocked. How on earth could a booster seat fit in such as small package? The padding for the seat is a combination of memory foam and air (courtesy of your lungs) and inflating the Bubble Bum is as easy as blowing up a balloon. Within 20 seconds I had the seat fully inflated and ready to use. Adjusting the shoulder strap took about 30 seconds as well and attaching the seatbelt to the booster was very easy. I was confident that I could do this anywhere! The seat is designed for children between 40lbs and 80lbs in weight and over the age of 4, making it a product that can be used for years to come.



Collapsing the seat was easy and it actually fits back into its carry bag easily- what a concept! My
daughter was comfortable and happy in the seat and I felt that she was very safe. The booster weighs only one pound and can easily be thrown into a carry-on or backpack and then pulled out to use in rental cars, taxis, and shuttles.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Narrow, allowing for three booster seats to be used in the same row
  • Unlike many products, actually fits back into its storage bag
  • Meets both US and European safety standards
  • Inexpensive


  • No side impact protection
  • Spot clean only


The only reason why the Bubble Bum won’t become our everyday booster seat is because it doesn’t offer any side impact neck protection. The large booster seats in our car provide that protection until children reach a certain height, making them a better everyday option for now. That being said, I am 100% sold on this product. I will not be taking our old booster seats on any more airplane trips! Bubble Bum provides both safety and convenience in a wonderful lightweight package. Plus the price is right at only $39.99! I will definitely be buying a second Bubble Bum for my son and recommending this product to others.


BubbleBum booster seats now come in fun new colors, with the same safety features. With black and white stripes and neon accents (and a convenient neon carrying bag), the BubbleBum looks more grown up, perfect for older kids who still need a booster.




Apr 2014

Today we featured on’s “all for mom: mother’s day prize package giveaway”. Check it out below!




BubbleBum inflatable booster car seats are the coolest and most stylish way for kids to carpool to school! BubbleBum keeps kids safe and comfy on the way to school, and kids go gaga over the booster seat’s vibrant and trendy colors! The BubbleBum inflatable booster seat is a fantastic alternative to the standard plastic booster seat and is perfect for road trips, fly ins with car rentals, taxi cabs and every day carpooling. Weighing in at less than one pound, BubbleBum can deflate in minutes, making it simple to throw in a backpack or large purse. BubbleBum includes belt positioning clips in place of arm rests, so it’s possible to fit three boosters across the back seat of a car, minivan, or SUV.

To enter, click here.


Apr 2014

Together We Save reviews BubbleBum

In Reviews | posted by: Zara McBrearty

Togetherwesave blog reviews BubbleBum, check it out below!


Brighten Up Your Family Travels With New Neon BubbleBum

If you haven’t officially been introduced to BubbleBum, it’s high time you’ve met! BubbleBum is the innovative, inflatable booster seat for kids aged 4-11. It checks in at less than 1 pound and inflates in minutes. When not in use, simply deflate the booster seat, roll it up and stow away in the trunk or backpack for the next use. Carpooling, plane trips, taxis and rental cars will never be a problem again. BubbleBum is so unbelievably convenient with no bulky extra booster seat to tote along. With spring break and summer trips just around the corner, it’s the perfect travel companion. And we’ll let you in on a little secret, BubbleBum will soon be announcing a brand new color!

The BubbleBum is really awesome. It is so easy to use and lightweight to take any where.


And it is avaible is lots of cool colors your kids will love.

BubbleBum ($29.99) is sold online at BubbleBum ( in Walmart Stores. Connect with them on Facebook( , Twitter (@bubblebumusa) and Pinterest(


Apr 2014

BubbleBum featured on “2 rules for a successful family trip”this week. Check it out below!


BubbleBum Inflatable Booster Seat


1. Comfort is Key
My kids share a backseat. All 3 snug as a bug, without a lot of personal space. It’s imperative that we make it as comfortable as possible. Abby has her car seat, of course, and Jedi is old enough to use just the belt. For Buzz, though, I found a product perfect for our situation that I was sent to review. It’s called the BubbleBum Inflatable Booster Seat. Easy to inflate or deflate depending on the situation. I can also keep it stored in a large bag or trunk of the car, ready for whenever we need it.

BubbleBum inflatable booster seats are the coolest and most stylish way for kids to travel safely and comfy for both short and long distances! BubbleBum inflatable booster seat is a great alternative to the standard plastic booster seat and is perfect for road trips, fly ins with car rentals, taxi cabs and every day carpooling. Weighing in at less than one pound, BubbleBum can deflate in minutes, making it simple to throw in a backpack or large purse. BubbleBum includes belt positioning clips in place of arm rests, so it’s possible to fit three boosters across the back seat of a car, minivan, or SUV. Recommended for ages 4-11. For more info on BubbleBum, visit their website, like them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter.


Apr 2014

Kathys Savings Reviews BubbleBum

In Reviews | posted by: Zara McBrearty recently reviewed BubbleBum! Check it out below!

Don’t you hate having to lug around car seats? I hate when I have to switch them out in to a different car. They can become a big pain. It would be so much nicer if they were not so heavy and they were easier to carry around. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could carry around your booster seat wherever you go, that way it’s always with you when you need it. With the Bubble Bumbooster seat you’re able to do just that.

The Bubble Bum is a very light weight booster seat. It’s very cost-effective and brightly colored. They truly have really beautiful colors. These boosters are meant for kids between the ages of 4-11. They should also be at least 40 inches tall and weigh 40 pounds.


I received my purple booster seat to review. I was so surprised at how light this was. I have never owned a booster seat that was so light. I actually still use the 3-in-1 car seats so they’re very big and heavy. They are defiantly not light and this Bubble Bum booster seat makes all seats seem really heavy.

This booster seat is so easy to use and my kids love how comfortable it is. Once it’s blown up it’s very cushiony and soft. These come in the colors of purple and lime or black and silver.


In order to get this booster seat inflated twist the cap a bit so you can blow air in to it. You’ll see it start to inflate very quickly. It didn’t take a lot to get this seat inflated. You’ll want to quickly twist it back tight once you get it inflated so that you’re not letting all the air out again.




As you can see with the photo above, this is when it’s all aired up. There is a big difference from when it’s flat and when it’s aired up. It’s nice and soft for the bum to sit on. This could really help your kids be more comfortable in their seats when they’re in the car, especially on long car rides.

I’m so happy to finally have a great booster seat for my children. They are in love with how soft it is and it doesn’t hurt them when they sit down. They make great seats when you’re on the go.




The photo above shows you what the bottom of the booster seat looks like. This was before I had it aired up. Once it’s aired up it will puff out more.

I really believe that children will love these. Both of my daughters already love this seat. They love how soft they are on their bottoms and they’re not hard like most car seats. That means when they’re on long car rides they won’t have to worry about their bottoms getting numb. These will help keep them from being uncomfortable.




Since these seats are so light and inflatable, you can carry them with you wherever you go. If you have luggage for going on a trip, you can easily put this in your bag to travel along with. You can’t do that with a regular booster seat. You’d have to lug it around without being able to put it in anything. All you have to do is deflate it and fold it and you’re ready to go.

If you’re looking for a great booster seat then make sure to check out Bubble Bum. This seat is truly the best one I’ve had yet.


Apr 2014

Mom, are we there yet? Reviews BubbleBum

In Reviews | posted by: Zara McBrearty

This week we featured on the “Mom, are we there yet?” blog. Check out the review below!


Bubble Bum

Car Booster Seat In A Bag To The Rescue


We all know kids under a certain age, weight and height need a carseat or booster seat but what happens when you need to pick up a kid and don’t have one?  This has happened to me countless times.  Since I work from home I’m on the emergency contact list for some local family members and some friends.  I get a call or text about once a month that someone needs to be picked up. The child might be ill, have a headache or is out of school but parent is stuck in a meeting or running late.  I don’t have booster seats for these small fries since my kids are older.

I found the perfect solution to needing a booster seat at random times.  Bubble Bum.

This is an awesome booster seat that is small, easy to store when not in use and portable.




There is a valve to add air to the seat.  This makes it easy to adjust, depending on the child. Inflating it takes just a few seconds and is quick and easy.


Should belt positioning clip makes it easy to strap a child in.




Once inflated the seat looks like a normal booster seat (but in a really cool color).  It is light-weight and since it is small most cars can accommodate three in a row, utilizing all available seat belts.


When not in use the Bubble Bum stores nicely in a stretchy carry bag.  I plan to store this in the back of my car so I can grab it any time I need to pick up someone’s kid from school.  Now I no longer have to worry about them not being ‘quiet tall enough’ to be in my car without a booster seat.

The Bubble Bum can also be used while traveling and stored in a backpack or purse. It is good for children ages 4-11 years old and 40-100 Lbs. It is available in 4 colors and can be found at Walmart and other local stores.




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Apr 2014

BubbleBum Founder and CEO, Grainne Kelly, was the Inspirational Woman Key Note speaker at Foyle Women’s Information Network annual Inspire conference at the Guildhall, Derry~Londonderry.



Foyle Women’s Information Network is a local charity which was established to promote, support and encourage local women in the NW area of Northern Ireland.

The aim of the conference was to inspire the next generation of women and encourage those who are new and emerging leaders at grass-roots level to take that step. It also celebrated 20 years of Foyle Women’s Information Network ‘s services in the city.

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