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Apr 2015 spoke to 43 entrepreneurs about why they started their company and what drives their company forward. Our CEO Grianne Kelly has been featured, check out what she has to say below, or read the full article here.


Safety for Kids
As a mother of two, my primary goal was to offer travelers a safe way to transport their kids. I was frequently traveling between my native Ireland and England to visit a sick relative, and I always had to transport cumbersome fixed booster seats back and forth on the plane due to the lack of car booster seats available from car rental desks. I invented BubbleBum as an affordable, lightweight car booster seat that could travel easier than a child does. It weighs less than one pound and can deflate in minutes, making it easy to throw in a backpack when not in use. BubbleBum also includes belt positioning clips in place of arm rests, so it’s possible to fit three boosters across the back seat of a car! Parents can take BubbleBum along for car-pools, cab rides, and fly ins with car rentals.
Thanks to Grainne Kelly,!

Apr 2015

Urban Parenting Reviews BubbleBum

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Urban Parenting has spent some time with our BubbleBum and they have “fallen in love with how compact and easy to use” it is. You can take a look at the review on their site here, or you can read it below.


Bubble Bum Review
As a mom working a stressful, high-energy day care job, I try to find ways around the hustle and bustle wherever I can to allow myself a little bit of peace. I seek out easier methods of doing things, and simple fixes. The Bubble Bum Car Booster Seat is right up to parr in that way—easy to understand, easy to inflate, easy to assemble with the seatbelt, and a load of stress off the brain!

I have fallen in love with how compact and easy to use this booster seat is!

Often times, I get overwhelmed and lose track of things. I take a look in my tote and have to remind myself that the unusual mound of fabric hiding in the corner is not just fabric but a piece of equipment sitting there in its deflatedness that actually works . It is indeed a booster seat there for my convenience!

The first thing that came to mind when I saw an advertisement for the Bubble Bum Car Booster seat was the old, self-inflating mattresses that we carried along on our back-packing trips in the college days. They were surprisingly compact when deflated and fit in our packs without using much space. These booster seats are simply the miniature version! I was intrigued and taken back to the good ol’ days for a brief moment in time.
Those days are over, however, and the kids are of utmost importance now.

As a daycare teacher and mom, safety is always the first thing on my mind and the first thing to keep me awake at night, especially when it comes to carting the kids around in the car. You never know what will happen or when it will happen, so preparation is definitely good to think about. The last thing we want to see is our little ones getting bruised and beaten due to a lack of safety measures!

With that in consideration, we’ve also always struggled with fitting all of the boosters we needed into the van at one time so safe, efficient transportation was a task. The traditional booster seats are heavy, bulky and constant in shape. Their armrests interfere with the placement of a second booster in close proximity.
The inflatability and flexibility of the Bubble Bum Car Booster Seat, on the other hand, allowed us to squeeze enough booster seats in to transport more kids in a given trip.

Another plus, these seats are only about $30 a pop, which is definitely affordable considering all that they have to offer and how regularly we make use of them. Not only did the daycare stock up for our summertime field trips with the kids, but I’ve also started my own stash pile at home for family in case the girls ever have their friends over.



Apr 2015

The wonderful Connie Gruning over at Beanut Butter and Whine got her hands on our BubbleBum Booster seat and we’re super happy to say that she loved it! :)


Check out the review below, or head over to to see more.


Bubble Bum 1My regular followers know that I babysit Baby Alice during the week while her parents work. Every once and awhile I get to have all 3 grandbabies at the same time. THIS is when the problems start! I have 2 carseats. I can’t squeeze a 3rd carseat in the back for nothin’ no how… no way!!
TA DA!!! BubbleBum!! I couldn’t be more giddy if I tried!! Seriously! This is perfect for me! SO many reasons!!
First, the Bubble Bum comes in a bag. SMALL enough to keep in the trunk or in the diaper bag!
I always have it in the car ready to use!! Just blow it up and go!! The Bubble Bum is safe for kids 4 to 11 and 40 to 100 pounds. I am in LUCK!! Perfect fit for Emma!

The seat is comfortable to sit on per Emma. I did not sit on it myself. The Bubble Bum is light. Less than a pound.

The job of a booster seat is to ensure a proper fit to the safety belt! Which thBubble Bum 3e Bubble Bum does! But I still wanted to be 100% positive this was safe for my precious cargo! (I begged for these Grandbabies I MUST keep them safe!!)

Another amazing perk…. it’s portable enough to take into the movies too! A booster at the dinner table if all 3 are here for meals at my house. It’s great ANYWHERE!!

This is the best invention EVER!!! A true treasure worth it’s weight in gold!! Having the Bubble Bum in my car is my piece of mind!! I can grab all 3 grandbabies in a pinch! Thank you Bubble Bum!!!

I have to add another update here; next month we will have been using our Bubble Bum for a full TWO YEARS!! It looks as good as the day it arrived!!! The only reason to replace this one is because now they have introduced some new colors!! Like a Pink Chevron!! Emma’s favorite color?! I MUST have the PINK Chevron!!

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The BubbleBum meets all US motor vehicle safety standards as required by NHTSA (FMVSS213), so you can feel confident in using it as a daily booster as well as a booster-in-a-pinch. As a testament to parent satisfaction the BubbleBum has been awarded a seal by Mom’s Best, including the 2012 Top Choice of the Year Award in Kids Travel by Creative Child Magazine, PTPA (Parent Tested Parent Approved) Media Awards and the JPMA Awards. BubbleBum has been awarded the IIHS (Insurance Institute of Highway Safety) “Best Bet” in their booster seat evaluation report two years in a row, where they’ve branded BubbleBum as one of the best for safety.


Apr 2015 got their hands on our BubbleBum Booster seat and your CEO Grainne Kelly.


Have a look at the teaser video below and stay tuned for the full interview.



Mar 2015
Kathee's Vehicle Following Accident

Kathee’s vehicle following accident.

It’s a scary encounter and certainly not something anyone plans on having. Suddenly your car slips and slides, or out of nowhere another vehicle smacks into you, and the next thing you know you’ve rolled over and are facing oncoming traffic. You’ve been in an crash. Your life flashes before your eyes and your first thought is, are your kids OK in the back?

Kathee from Michigan recently experienced that nightmare while driving her two sons to school in snowy conditions on Interstate 96, a six lane expressway. Cars ahead of her had either rolled over or spun-off the Interstate and one was in her lane. She moved one lane to the left and suddenly a semi-truck in front of her started fishtailing. The next thing she knew her vehicle had done a 180, facing oncoming traffic and was upside down. Her and her precious kids in the back were suspended by their seat belts.

“I was playing calm mom, but was looking for blood on the ceiling because I knew at least one of us had to have been injured. I was just trying to hear, as my two boys were talking to me and to each other, what did they see and which kid was going to start screaming first, either from pain, or from seeing a bloody mess,” describes Kathee.

“To my amazement, they wanted to know if they could unbuckle their seatbelts and lower themselves to the ceiling. There was powdered glass and glass shards everywhere, and I couldn’t see behind me, but I knew they were OK. We were talking about how I didn’t want them to cut themselves on glass and were going to wait for help out of our car.”

An off-duty firefighter came to their rescue. Everyone was OK and her sons even proceeded to go to school that morning.

Kathee adamantly says, “BubbleBum car booster seats had kept my boys safe in a rollover!”

BubbleBum founder Grainne Kelly explains, “The BubbleBum car booster seats that the kids were using protected the children by correctly positioning the adult seatbelt. Seat belts are designed with adults in mind and kids are not small adults as their bodies are proportioned differently. Without the BubbleBum booster seat the seat belt would have had a much greater likelihood to have cut into the soft tissue of the abdomen causing potential life-long injuries.”

“Without seat belts, the passengers in this car would have been like frogs in a cocktail shaker,” adds Kelly.

BubbleBum saved two young lives that shocking morning. Kathee did right by keeping her kids calm and waiting for help. Would you know what to do if you and your kids were in an accident?

BubbleBum Founder, Grainne Kelly, offers tips for what you should do in case you find yourself also experiencing the horrific experience of being in a car accident.

  • No one plans to get in an accident. Before you even start the engine take a little extra time to ensure that everyone is buckled in properly.
  • In the event of a crash, take some deep breaths to calm you down. When you are in a calm state of mind you are in a better position to make decisions and take stock.
  • Without a calm parent talking to the kids to reassure them, the kids even when uninjured could have been traumatized. Kids tend not to get frightened in situations when a parent or loved one appears to be in control, they just need to have confidence in their carer.
  • The safety of everyone is paramount. If the car is not drivable or you are unable to get out of the vehicle, stay there with the seatbelt fastened and hazard lights on until help arrives, and call 911. If you can get out, turn on your hazard lights and keep away from the crash site as further crashes may occur.
  • When you dial 911, you will need to remember WHO, WHAT and WHERE happened. There is a facility on the iPhone to send a text with your location which could be handy in the event of a crash in a location where you are not familiar.
  • Take notes and draw diagrams of the scene, it will make it easier for you to remember when you are talking to the police and your insurance. Insurance companies say that even if you think the crash was your fault it may not have been; therefore, you should never admit fault or blame at the scene.
  • If you are involved in a crash it is best to go and get checked out at the ER, especially after such a serious crash as the shock can numb the pain of injury for a while. Some injuries are not apparent to the naked eye, but medical professionals will be much quicker to spot the telltale signs. A few days after a crash many people start to develop seat belt injuries, which are bruising and abrasions on the bony part of the hips and across the neck, shoulder and thorax. While these can be uncomfortable, they show how the seat belt did a great job in restraining you.
  • Take it easy after a crash for a few days, even if you feel fine. Treat it like major surgery, you wouldn’t jump on a trampoline or go to the gym straight after surgery so best to avoid anything which requires any level of exertion or risk for a few days. Your body and your mind needs time to recover.
  • It is a traumatic experience and there are emotional injuries that are not visible from the outside that can also be debilitating. Even if no one is injured, often the driver will be haunted by ‘what if’ scenarios and may need to speak to a professional to get help. Not everyone who experiences stress after a trauma has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, but it is important to be aware of the signs. For more information on PTSD visit

Disclaimer: The customer gave us permission to share their story.


Mar 2015

Try it Mom Reviews BubbleBum

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Check out this fantastic BubbleBum review by our friends at Try It Mom.


3 car seats in jeep


When I was pregnant with K3, Keith and I knew we would both need new cars to accommodate our growing family. We looked at EVERY make and climbed into the back of EVERY model to assess how the car seat situation was going to work. We settled on the Honda Odyssey for me, and that is the vehicle we do almost all our family travel in.

One giant vehicle was enough, so Keith decided against a super-sized SUV with a third row and got a Jeep Grand Cherokee. He keeps an infant base and a high-back booster latched in the backseat, but BubbleBum is what makes it possible for him to fit all three kids safely if he needs to.

BubbleBum is an inflatable booster seat for kids ages 4-11 and weighing 40-100 pounds.

With Little League season starting up, and two of our kids on two different teams, I see carpooling in our future. I can send James with this if someone offers a ride, or keep it in the minivan for any extra kids we accumulate. Deflated, it’s also small enough to throw in my diaper bag for taxi rides in the city. And because I’m always worried about car safety, I checked out its rating: the IIHS (Insurance Institute of Highway Safety) named it their “Best Bet” in their booster seat evaluation report.






Mar 2015

Meet the team… Zara McBrearty

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BubbleBum Marketing Executive, Zara McBrearty


As you know, we love to put a member of the BubbleBum team in the spotlight each BubbleBum newsletter edition so you can put a face to the name.

This time in the spotlight we have our Marketing Executive, Zara McBrearty…Let’s ‘meet’ Zara!

Describe yourself in one word?

Where did you grow up?
Co. Tyrone, Ireland

What is your favorite thing to do when you’re not working?
Probably clothes shopping or on holiday somewhere hot!

What is your favorite vacation destination?
New York City. It is my favourite place on earth!

Android or Iphone?

What’s the one thing you couldn’t live without?
Again…my iphone! I would be lost without it

What’s someone you think people should know about you?
I am obsessed with cooking programmes like, Master Chef, Come Dine with me, The Great British Bake Off and Jamie’s 15 minute meals. I could watch them all day long…if only I could cook as well! :)

What famous quote describes your life?
I love this quote by Audrey Hepburn, “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says, ‘I’m possible’”. I try and live by this.

What is the most interesting website you know of?
Fast Company. I love reading all of their weird and wonderful blog posts.

If you could throw a party what would it be like and what would it be for?
I would throw a huge BBQ for all of my family and friends. I love BBQ food!

What Celebrity do you get mistaken for?
I once got mistaken for Cher Lloyd by a group of kids in Belfast. They were banging on a shop window shouting and waving at me. Not sure what to say about that…

If you were reincarnated as an animal what would it be?
I would be re-incarnated as a Quokka. Apparently they are the happiest animal in the world (I don’t think that’s scientifically proven, but hey!) and they are very cute!

What is your favorite book?
To Kill a Mockingbird. I read it when I was in secondary school and love the life lessons it teaches.

Do you have a reality TV show guilty pleasure?
I don’t really get time to watch much TV but I do enjoy watching Keeping up with the Kardashians and The Real Housewives…even though I hate to admit it!

What is your dream car?
Randomly, anything by Volkswagen. I would love a little white, soft-top Beetle when I win the lottery. Ha!

Mar 2015

Easter ‘Make & Do’ Ideas

In blog | posted by: Zara McBrearty
Easter Egg Hunt


With Easter just around the corner we’ve been looking for some fun and cool things to do with the kids. One of our favorites is the Egg painting and Easter Egg hunt. This is something we all loved as kids and a tradition we hope continues…

Before you start:

1. This is best done over the course of two days, with the night before your Easter egg hunt devoted to painting and decorating to ensure that your decorations are dry and ready for hiding the next day.

2. Draw up a prize list. Once you have an idea of how many eggs you’re going to make and hide its time to draw up a prize list of how many eggs gets what prize. Don’t forget to add a grand prize for the person finding the best hidden “golden egg.”

3. Don’t forget your hunting baskets. These can be anything for your kids to carry around while they’re hunting for Easter eggs, but they must be big enough to hold at least a few of your eggs.

Easter Egg Hunt


Up first is painting your eggs. This is a pretty straight forward section but it turns out that one of us had a novel (and very surprising way of decorating their eggs as a child). Using Old Ties… We know this seems a little odd, but after some digging around to find a reliable method we discovered this really is worth a go, some of the results are fantastic!

First find yourself a suitable tie. We would recommend an old one that dad doesn’t wear anymore and preferably with a nice pattern (make sure you don’t use his favorite!). Don’t forget, what makes a nice tie doesn’t necessarily make a nice egg, so be willing to try something that’s a bit out there and different.


Easter Egg Hunt


Once you’ve found your desired tie here’s what you want to do:

1. Cut up the seam. This should double the size of your tie letting you make more colorful eggs with just one tie.

2. Once you’ve cut up the seam, cut the tie into sections which can easily fit around your egg, try and ensure a few cm of extra space to make sure that the tie and be held around your egg securely.

3. Wrap your egg up. For this part you must make sure that the part of the tie you normally see when wearing it is in direct contact with the egg. We recommend using a twisty tie to help secure the tie around your egg.


Easter Egg Hunt


4. Wrap your egg again. This time use a light material like an old pillow case to cover your egg again.

5. Boil ‘em up. Drop your eggs into a pot of boiling water and add about 50g (1/4 cup) of vinegar and let them boil for about 20 minutes.

6. After 20 minutes place your eggs in a colander and allow them to cool and dry of a bit before you touch them.

7. Once they’ve cooled down enough to touch you can open them up to see your work of art.
For those of you who aren’t willing to risk using some of dad’s ties don’t worry, there are plenty of other ways to successfully decorate your eggs in preparation for your egg hunt.


Easter Egg Ideas


For these the steps are pretty simple:

1. Hard boil your eggs. To do this just place your eggs in some boiling water for 10 minutes then remove and allow to cool before you begin painting.

2. Paint your eggs. Yep, that’s pretty much it. Once you’ve hard boiler your eggs you can being to decorate them in any way you want, from paint, to marker, to crayon to even using glitter (WARNING: Using glitter can be very very messy!)

3. Once you’ve painted your eggs its time to dry them, we would recommend placing them on a wire rack to minimize the risk of smudging your fantastic art work.


Easter Eggs


Now your eggs are painted and dried its time to hide them from your kids. Make sure that you hide your eggs in places your kids will be able to find (no high spaces or places that it could be dangerous for them to reach).

Once your eggs are all hidden its time to equip your kids with their baskets and send them off on the hunt.

Happy hunting! :)

Mar 2015

Our brand new BubbleBum Pink Chevron got a mention in this week’s Baby & Kids Magazine Newsletter!

Thanks guys! :)


Baby & Kids Newsletter
Mar 2015

BubbleBum has received  its first award of 2015, the Family Choice Award. This is a great honour for us! Check out the family choice awards site here for more info.



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