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We thought you might like to know a little bit more about WHO we are.

My name is Grainne Kelly and I am the founder of BubbleBum. The BubbleBum Car Booster seat was born out of frustration and concern for my own children’s safety when travelling abroad. My children and their friends have been involved in every part of the journey to date and I still look to them for inspiration and ideas. My passion for my kids is what drives me and I want to show them that they can achieve anything for the right reasons. There is no greater reward than to see your children proud of what you are trying to achieve. 

At BubbleBum we feel it is important that we are clear in how we behave and treat each other. We promise to keep these values in our daily lives, not just in the office. They are fundamental to the decisions we make and WHO we are. As a mum, these are things that are also important to our kids. Our vision is to create a global brand of products which are cool, functional and innovative travel solutions for families Some of the values that define us are :


  • We will always act with integrity and honesty.
  • We will always act in the best interest of the company but never to the detriment of the safety of children.
  • We will speak as if others are listening and write only what we would like others to read.
  • We want our team to dream big and be part of the dream.
  • We will be consciously positive in our speech and all communication at all times.
  • Always take the business seriously, never take ourselves too seriously
  • We will choose to have a great day!

I would like to introduce our team. These people are the sun in the sky : )

meet the team



So I am the only man on the team at the moment (with the exception of Scoobs) and its quite interesting to work with such a great bunch of ladies….the fascinating thing is that they all agree I am the best cook so maybe that’s why they keep me!!

Apart from cooking I love to run – just for fun and fresh air. I have completed a marathon and surprisingly finished on the same calendar day which was a great achievement seeing as I didn’t actually start running until I was in my 40’s!! In fact I love all sports from rugby to football to swimming to squash to basketball and so on.

My bucket lists includes 10 places I really want to see….one of which is Petra in Jordon which I find amazing; another thing on my list is to do a bungee jump or a sky dive – the thought of which turns my legs to jelly. To date I have only completed three of the 20 things on my list however slowly does it as an old teacher used to say to me


With a wealth of experience in Accounts Management, Donna joined the BubbleBum team in 2010 as the Finance Administration Manager. Donna oversees all of the orders, customer service and most importantly, keeps all the numbers in check! Donna is super-efficient and always glamorous!

In her spare time she loves to spend time with her family and grandchildren, and keep fit. Donna is the longest serving team member. Our resident ‘Dancing Queen’ continues to raise lots of money for charities by participating in the local ‘Strictly Come Dancing’!”




Melissa’s start with BubbleBum came when she and Grainne met at the neighborhood swimming pool in Windermere, FL. – they are both avid swimmers and could have been mistaken for a couple of mermaids and that afternoon they planned and performed a synchronized swimming routine to the Muppets theme song that rivalled the Olympic medallists; it was only destiny then that the two would start talking about BubbleBum!! Melissa has many years of experience in sales and marketing, specifically, with launching new products into the US marketplace. After a 10 year, stay-at-home Mom hiatus where she chaired several charity events and volunteered at many community organizations, she jumped back into the fun with BubbleBum to help launch it into the US and there is never a dull moment



After graduating from the University of Ulster with a degree in Communications, Advertising and Marketing (CAM), Zara joined the BubbleBum team as Marketing Executive. Zara manages and oversees all of the marketing activities. She loves to plan, organize and write a check list.

When Zara is not at BubbleBum HQ, she spends her time shopping, eating out, on holiday and at the occasional concert. Zara is the shortest member of the team at just 5″1, loves pizza and enjoys the odd spin class (who knows why?)!!




Maggie joined the BubbleBum team as Admin/Customer Support in 2013 after working with a renowned software company in Cambridge for numerous years. Maggie manages the e-commerce and customer service side of the business. She is highly organised, motivated and always has a huge smile on her face! On her days off, Maggie loves spending time with her family in her native Sligo and looking after her two pups, Sam and Pepper. The tallest member of the team, Maggie is a statuesque 5’8″, her favourite song is “Happy” by Pharrell Williams and she enjoys walking the beaches of Donegal with her two dogs!”


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