With the Labor holiday over and the summer now becoming a distant memory, it is difficult to settle back in to the school routine. With many of us getting the back to school blues it is easy for the kids to become overwhelmed with their new routines of after school activities, homework and chores. Here at BubbleBum Travel Car Booster Seat we love to express ourselves and we think it is important to take time out of our busy schedules to enjoy family time.

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We have some super top ideas for fun after school activities for all ages, to help relax after the hustle and bustle of the day, that will allow you to enjoy family time and beat the back to school and work blues!

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First create an activity board – you can allocate a different theme for different days of the week – this can be fairies, pirates, monsters, colors anything that your kids enjoy. On the board you can pin up the different activities for the family to enjoy and your kids can include the things that they enjoy doing like baking, painting to dress up!

Kids are hungry after school because they have been working so hard and they need a healthy snack……why not try Snack Art! make creative pictures on a dining plate with all the different foods and colors. A creative way for your kids to get their 5 a day and have fun in the process.

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After their snack and spending the day at school your kids may be a little tired. Make a blanket fort using your couch or dining table and chairs and all the blankets you can find! fill the fort with cushions and a lamp or torch and let your kids, relax with some fun story telling and shadow puppet games.

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Salt Art is also another favourite of ours……while you are busy preparing your evening supper, place colored paper or card on a serving tray, fill the tray with salt and let your little ones make doodles in the salt. This is also helpful, when trying to get your kids to practise counting or writing the alphabet!

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After your evening meal is over you can then entertain your kids before bath time, by decorating some plain cookies or cupcakes. Eat with a glass of milk before bed! all you need is some frosting, eatable decorations and sugar sprinkles.

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Make your kids bath time fun by adding food colouring to the bath and make it a different colour each night! you can also get kids bath bombs but these can be hard to locate.

Sharing is caring! Family sharing time not only relaxes the all family members it unites the family and is a fun way for your kids to express them selves and learn how to listen. Sitting down together, every family member shares the best point of their day and a time in their day which was not so great. You can even do this while enjoying a stroll before bed – this is especially great as the fresh air will make your little tykes sleepy ready for bed.

Credit: Laura O’Neill

Here at BubbleBum Travel Car Booster Seat we have other fun after school activities that you can try with your little’s! Keep checking out or blog for more to come!





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