Holiday Weekend Travel

Holiday Weekend Travel

Most families celebrate the end of summer with the Labour Day holiday weekend, one final cheers to the summer before new routines begin to be enforced in many households and things can get a little crazy. Back to school is a busy time, weather you are a stay at home parent or a working parent, the laziness and freedom of the summer is dispelled and after school activities, homework, dinner, baths and a messy home, takes over our lives once again. But not this weekend!

Family travel can be one of the most delightful and terrifying experiences, the happiness of your children’s smiling faces beaming from the back of the car is clouded by tantrums and screaming, as children become tired and bored when driving long distances.

From the excessive amount of luggage and items you have squished into your car and your roof rack overflowing, travelling can become overwhelming. Travel this holiday weekend is imminent….. follow BubbleBum’s Top Travel Tips for those road tripping it this weekend.

#1The first tip for car travel is to ensure that your kids are on an approved child safety seat as required by the country that you are travelling, if you are travelling in the US the BubbleBum meets all safety requirements and has been crash tested. The regulations differ in different countries but the BubbleBum Inflatable Car Booster Seat is approved in the EU and USA. It is a reliable and safe option when travelling and even allows you to fit three booster seats in a row in the back of car which is a problem encountered by many parents. Its inflatable and deflatable, lightweight, portable and packable aged for children 4-11 years old.

#2 Always pack a first aid kit containing items such as pain relief for adults and children- sachets can be useful to avoid spillages, a thermometer- the Oblumi Tapp is our favourite as it connects to your smart phone and is small and reliable, antihistamines (for adults and children) bug/sting cream, antiseptic cream, instant ice pack, sunscreen, motion-sickness tablets, insect repellent, wet wipes, tissues and band aids.

#3 No matter how your method of transport by plane or car, it is always a good idea to bring extra toys and activities to keep your child entertained, let them pack their own bag so they can bring their favourite items with them but always have a small surprise item tucked away for emergencies. Crayons and a colouring book are small and can keep little ones occupied for hours don’t forget your child’s bedtime toy, teddy or special blanket to avoid any bedtime dramas or nap time nightmares. Don’t forget to be screen wise when travelling and limit electronic games and tablets. Keep older children entertained by playing fun travel games such as i-spy. Don’t forget those important snacks and drinks for all the family to avoid any hangry children, fruit and yogurts will always go down a treat, try to avoid sweets and sugar as this will give your kids an energy boost!

#4 When travelling by car, you should keep the following items in your trunk for emergencies jumper cables, flairs, blankets, water, preserved snacks, fire extinguisher, mini tire compressor, basic tools, rope and a flash light. This is your survival kit in the case of an emergency. Before your journey take your car for a quick inspection to ensure you will not encounter any difficulties on your journey. Make sure to bring a car phone charger to make sure that your phone does not die on your journey. If you are using a sat nav pre-programme it with your destination before you leave, this will save you time.

#5 When travelling check the weather forecast to see if you will need any other travel supplies, ponchos, water boots or to allow for extra time. Always allow enough time for traffic jams, accidents or road works and have your route planned and have an alternative route just incase.

#6 Rest stops are so important when travelling with kids as they become bored and restless, therefore frequent stops will allow them to stretch their legs and stop any arguments. Stop and let the kids run for 15 minutes or so, get a snack and return to your journey. This short stop will allow the kids to burn off all that energy they gathered from sitting still.

#7 Planning and organisation is the key, research your destination and locate fun family orientated places to visit or family friendly restaurants or stops on your journey, as this will make your life a lot easier. Knowing when you will have a break or stop and where will offer a schedule and routine for your kids.

#8 Organising your luggage in your car and roof box will also save you time and stop any stress of trying to locate specific items. Keep your snacks, first aid box, coats, entertainment and some toys in the car and pack everything else. Also have a change of clothes available for each child as accidents can happen quite easily when travelling.

Safe travels from BubbleBum this holiday weekend! BubbleBum Inflatable Car Booster Seat can be purchased on Amazon, BubbleBum

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