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Moving means a fresh start. You and your family are on your way to a new beginning–one that starts with a road trip as you make your way to your new home. So why does moving feel stressful? Experts claim that moving is one of the top most stressful life events. Moving is right up there with divorce or other major losses in terms of the worry and strain it causes. Moving to a new home means that your life is being rearranged. It’s a tough process to get through–especially if you’re relocating to new city or state. For parents, the pressure is even more intense.

Research shows that moving is tough on your kids. A relocation throws their routines into flux. Here’s the good news. Parents can help their kids feel safe and secure as the whole family makes the transition.

Talk to your kids about the move and offer reassurance. Let them know that moving doesn’t last forever and soon, they’ll be settled again. One of the most anxiety-ridden aspects of moving for parents and kids is the move itself.

How will your kids handle the move when it takes more than a single day? Anxiety levels can rise during a drive across the state or country. Your family’s moving adventure can also be a chance for good times and bonding. Which is why it’s so important to keep everyone safe and secure. You just need to keep everyone safe and secure. And with a little advance planning and preparation, your moving road trip can be anything but stressful. Go for successful, smooth, safe and fun!

Tips and Tricks for Parents on their Moving Road Trip

Safety First: Loading the Vehicle and Moving On

Your road trip starts when you’re still at home during the hustle and bustle of loading up your vehicle. You’ve probably rented or reserved a moving truck or you’re towing a trailer. Your family car needs to get loaded too. There’s a lot of moving parts!

  • Your kids are excited about the big moving truck or trailer, but don’t let them go inside of it. Especially while it’s being loaded.
  • Remind your children to stay out of hallways and thoroughfares as your movers take your boxes and furniture to the truck.
  • Keep your kids in your sight. Moving day is not a time for them to be alone. It helps with the transition for them to see the process of the move. That’s much easier than seeing an empty house at the end of the day.
  • There may be tears. That’s normal. Take a final tour together. Do a little goodbye ritual. Choose something that works for your kids and gives them a sense of closure. Help them get excited about the journey to come, the road trip.

On the Road: Plan Activities Galore

Whether you’re in the car for one or two days or a week, your kids need help keeping busy and engaged. Those long hours can fuel worry as they leave one home for the next.

  • Let your kids indulge in screen time. Movies and video games will help them pass the time. These activities can also relax and comfort them. Make sure you’re equipped with their favorites.
  • Pack plenty of snacks, but keep them healthy. Go for granola bars and fruit. Think healthy. Sugar can exacerbate stress. Tuck a small cooler between the seats so your kids can stay hydrated with cold liquids.
  • Get them a fun kid’s atlas so they can track your progress. You can provide books on the states you’re passing through and famous landmarks. And schedule in a few fun stops. This is the beginning of your family’s next adventure, so make it count!
  • Load up on games to pass the time. Your kids are yearning for togetherness during a move. Road trips mean bonding.

Pit Stops: Buddy System Safety

You’ll be making frequent stops, so make a family plan to keep the outings smooth and safe!

  • Your kids know the rules about talking to strangers, but road trips are a new thing. They’re not in the same routine. Give them reminders about all those basic rules and how they still apply.
  • Most rest stops feel safe and inviting, but the family should stay together. Make sure kids are partnered together or with one adult. Wait close by if they need to go into a restroom alone.
  • Your kids will want to stretch their legs and run to the restroom. Remind them to stay close in the parking lot and look both ways before crossing.
  • Make sure everyone gets out to stretch to avoid having unscheduled stops later!
  • Seat belts are one of the most important, and most easily forgotten safety features of any road trip – but especially amidst the excitement of a cross country move road trip. Invent a game or race to remind everyone to buckle as soon as they’re in the car. Even the parents will want in on a “Quick Draw Buckle Showdown” – wait till everyone’s seated, then count down from 5.

Arriving Safely: Unloading and Moving In

You’ve finally arrived at your destination! Your new home. This is going to be a huge deal for your kids. They’ll be excited but also nervous. You’ll need to guide them through the transition.

  • Try to let your kids do a walk-through of their new home before the movers start unloading. If that’s not possible, see if you can take them through during a break in activity. They need time to adjust and get used to the change.
  • Stay positive. Give your kids a strong sense of stability. Let them know about your favorite things about the new house and neighborhood.
  • Keep your kids close on moving in day! They aren’t used to the new environment, so they need extra-vigilant supervision.

A moving road trip can be a stressful time–or it can be one of your family’s greatest memories. Keep your kids safe and sound, and your own stress levels will follow suit. Now it’s your time to focus on housewarming and the new memories to come!

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