Did you know that Story telling is older than Grandma and Grandad? Infact it’s older than most things in existence! but sadly it’s a tradition that’s fading. moon

People of all ages love story telling and for many of us big kids, some of our most treasured childhood memories are reminiscent of our beloved bed time stories.

These days, children are born into a heightened technological environment. They have numerous television channels and video games to utilise and entertain them during the day. However, this stimulating media can prove problematic before bed. Storytelling brings family life back to basics. It encourages routine and prepares children for a peaceful nights sleep. It’s also a special family opportunity to share and grow with diverse mental, social and educational benefits for children whether they’re simply listening or reading the story themselves.

But don’t take our word fstoryor it! The science behind storytelling says that children who are read to from an earlier age have better language development and tend to have better language skills later on in life. It introduces lots of new ideas and thought processes as well as increasing your child’s exposure to new vocabulary. A story is also a great way to explain the meanings of words as kids learn faster through pictures and contextual information.

Here at BubbleBum we believe the best stories are the ones that aren’t just words off a page. They’re the ones with interactive pit stops and Dad’s funny voices. These ‘extras’ encourage children to actively participate in the storytelling process. They might even change, adapt, expand and question plots and protagonists, enhancing their reasoning and listening skills…and the overall fun !

On a more serious note, Storytelling is also a great opportunity to explore important issues which might be relevant to your family. This mastorytellingy include stories about safety, ill-health or moral judgement – which all boost your child’s social and emotional development.

One of the most important aspects of storytelling is the provision of ‘quality’ family time away from the stresses and strains of daily life. Reading before bed can provide a wonderful opportunity to share and exchange attention and emotion regardless of the day’s highs and lows! This way everyone can benefit from ending the day on a positive note with a snuggle and a short story or two. It’s also a great way to maintain a close bond with your child, which is equally reassuring and affirmative before bed.

Making memories which last a life time is the goal of any positive parent and child interaction and storytelling can be an integral part of these special moments!

Regardless of the novelty of any new toy or gadget, a good story with someone we love will always be BubbleBum’s favourite!

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