While life ovegetable_cauliflowern the farm is a luxury we can’t all experience, a recent survey commissioned by LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) found that children in the UK have some hilarious ideas about where their food comes from!

The study, which polled 1,000 UK boys and girls aged between five to 11 showed that many school children did not know what, where or how the food in their lunch boxes or dinner plates were raised or produced!

Some of the funniest statistics found that 1 in 20 children think cheese comes from pigs and 5% of kids believed strawberries grew in the fridge!

The study further found that 4% of our little ones thought potatoes came from our oink –tastic friends, and three in ten children (28%) also did not know carrots grew underground!

As for your salad sandwiches, six in ten children weren’t aware lettuce grew in the ground, while nearly eight in ten (78%) kids did not know broccoli was a plant!


Fewer children are seeing farm animals first hand either, with more than one in three never having heard a sheep baa or a cow moo up close!

Furthermore, one in four children (24 %) surveyed did not know a baby cow was called a calf!

To test the theory, take the Foodie Farm Test with your little ones and tell us about the funniest answers you receive by commenting on our facebook post!

1) What is ketchup made from?
2) What do you call a baby pig?
3) How many legs does a donkey have?
4) What animal does milk come from?
5) What kind of baby animal is a kid?
7) What vegetable is orange?
8) What do sheep eat in the field?
9) What type of animal is a foal?
10) What type of vegetable are chips made from?

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